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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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Always fun looking at the nice AKs you guys put together


I'll share my new Echo-1 AKSU



Inside it just has a bearing spring guide, bearing piston head, and downgraded spring (although it ended up chronoing higher than before the mods). Outside I refinished the foregrips (it was fun to discover the matte black paint came off with mere rubbing alcohol). I sprayed them with textured black Rustoleum, then went over that with Krylon ultra-flat OD green camo paint, which came out looking really nice and matches the feel of the pistol grip really closely. The scope mount is a RS Belorussian mount with an AMP Aimpoint replica (a red dot I do not recommend, as you can see the switch broke so I had to gut it and solder it permanently on the middle setting with a spst toggle switch). If I could have afforded a Kobra red dot I would have done that, and bought a VFC instead.



I don't intend to do much else to it, although I do want to refinish the bolt with something more realistic than silver paint. You can't make it out in the pic, but the writing on the receiver says "5.54x39mm", bit of a typo there, but not a big deal. Gun shoots pretty nicely and is impressively accurate. The internals are nice too, but the shimming was awful and there was almost no grease on the gears. I'm glad I hardy shot it before upgrading it. nice and solid, many parts are steel but the receiver is pot metal, we'll see how it holds up.


I plan to one day build a nice high powered AKS-74 from all aftermarket/upgrade parts with synthetic OD furniture, grenade launcher and PSO-1 scope, the idea being to replicate the AKs from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. First however I intend to purchase a real Polish Tantal AK74 and put on US made synthetic plum furniture.



Oh, and just for kicks, a pic of the lpeg my sister's friend left with us when he couldn't make it work. I made it work, but it'll only shoot 80fps with .12s! I don't know why it won't shoot any harder than that, it seems to seal up pretty tight, I guess it just sucks that much. Looks alright tho with my custom mods, artificial wear accomplished with some clever application of silver Sharpie marker. It's good for CQB without destroying everything in the house, so now I need some equally lousy electric pistols to go with it (or against it rather).


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Call me crazy, but the FIRST thing I thought, was "Saiga?"


I know, I'm most likely wrong. (I'm more of a black rifle kinda' guy...)




Not up on the AK's but having just checked I can see where you're coming from .......


It's actually based on a TM Spetz but has had the inner barrel changed to an MC51 (285mm), Tactical Handgrip, '74 Stock and a Star FNC Handguard butted up to the Spetz frontsight, fitted with a '47 bezel B)


Weight and general handling is excellent - range is good enough for woodland and gun is compact enough for urban (and it's in the 'For Sale' section :( )

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you know..I put off buying a TM AK74M because the moving bolt seemed like a fad. Well I got around to buying one and OMG why did I wait???

It could quite possibly be the best thing since sliced bread. If anyone remembers when TM launched the M14 and you know that big smile you had from cocking it over and over just to hear the "CHUNK" well this thing tops it.

On auto the aim is all over the place because of the auto bolt and it's fantastic!!


As per usual from TM it's well made and if your in the market for a AK74M go buy the TM one because you won't be disappointed.


The top AK74M is a Kalash , for comparison ,and the bottom is the Tokyo Mauri AK74M.










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I have had a TM AK-74MN for a few months now (birthday present from the girlfriend), and it is awesome! I haven't had any issues with it whatsoever, standard TM reliability. My experience has put it on the same level as the TM M14 for accuracy, and its power and ROF are both good, too.


As far as the mags go, they are better than any other midcaps I have used. I wouldn't say its worth it, but they are a nice change towards reliable mags that feed to the last BB. I like the fact that TM are willing to make changes to magazines to better them, I am ###### at them over their midcaps being so expensive.



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