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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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They are answering emails. I wrote to lctairsoft, and they sent this as their webshop. Its been alive for only a few day.

On my ino kit's box there was a dynamic star logo sticker with this url, though 1 years ago it wasnt live.


My teamate asked for an RPK kit invoice - still waiting for answer

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Not rebranding, just sale. And the pricing is very good, especially for things like the AKMS kits.


Last year I received parts that had a Dynamic Star packaging, with their own logo and stuff... just like when I bought Inokatsu parts that had Inokatsu packaging ang logo, and same goes for Guarder and RMW too :D But it's a little off-topic.

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New pic of my beastie - remounted the gp30. Fitted a sling hook on the stock aswell as a sling, and generally rebuilt the front end to be tighter and stronger :)

The silencer aint on right yet mind, couple wee tweeks as the beebz are just skimming the inside of the ring.


Fekin thing weighs a tonne also, Its allllll steel baby!



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Anymore rails and it will have to be moved to the armalite thread :P


Perhaps, but I think it looks pretty dang cool. Nice job appslapp.



Also here are some updated pics of my AKS-74U, now that it's got some real wear and tear on it, which blends the artificial wear I did on it nicely.


















- CapaciousZepher

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