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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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now for something a bit different....a Tabuk snipers rifle.



its not finished yet. I need a set of M70 handguards and the barrel needs chopping by about 3 inches. I have a modded gas block to add when i chop the barrel.


Ah, ive always wondered what it'd look like if not photoshopped! What barrel did you use? I was thinking of using an JG "SVD" barrel, but that one seems longer for some reason..


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look like weekend civvy shooter. :P


I can tolerate bit of rails on front grips but gawd, i hate those stock and pistol grip. But then I'm purist. :P

Other than the looks, I can see it is practicaly "dressed up".


To each on their own I guess!

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Yeah I have a recoil pad, but im not sure about it being on that one, keeping it for my SU once its returned ;)


I'll be fitting a sling to the stock as soon as I put a new stock bracket on, im not convinced the current one will hold the weight of everything as the lug is snapped and epoxied back together.



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