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"In preparation for our up and coming release of the TAR 21 AEG, we have secured an exclusive distribution agreement with ITL Optronics for the MARS sight.

Although these sights are primarily geared for the Law enforcement / military community and not the average airsofter due to their cost, we are still offering them to those who wish to create the ultimate IDF impression, and will also offer a cheaper alternative aimed at the airsoft market once the TAR 21 is out."

that... will be mine


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Price is 850 according to TSI. Which isn't a bad price. Though the MARS really isn't that good of a sight.


If the TAR21 wasn't such an ugly gun I'd consider snagging one.


850 for a replica sight is rediculace.


Rather spend that 850 and get me a Trijicon ACOG or Eotech / Magnifery Combo.

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the military MARS sight comes with a co-witnessed IR laser. i doubt that they would NOT restrict sales to civilians. the "commercial" version, if made, would likely have a visible laser. furthermore the MARS sight has a crappier battery life even more than the Eotech 551/511 series.


thanks but i'll stick to my aimpoint m2, which has a battery life of over 1 yr and my micro T1 or M3/4, which has a battery life of over 3-5yrs.



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To be fair, so is your spelling of ridiculous.



Any info on the co-witness issue?

I'm not sure if it's co-aligned. I think the Insight ISM-V Integrated Sight Module is one of the few RDS/laser sights that are co-aligned. If the ITL MARS is co-aligned that'd be nice as it's priced similar to the Insight ISM-V.

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The optic is a night vision device called Mini N/SEAS



You can see below a picture on a M16A4




This sight is a little high to allow co-witnessing with iron sights. According to what I have read is a very robust sight and is replacing older M68's

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Just to clarify some of your questions: We have both models available - the visible laser and the IR one. Both models zero the red dot and the laser with a single set of adjustment screws.

The MARS is too tall to co-witness with any BUIS when mounted on a flat top. It was specifically designed for the TAR 21 rifle and it's own BUIS system.

The models we carry were developed by ITL to be used and mounted on the IDF M4s, and are military grade. There IS NO "civilian" model.

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