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Should convert the busted one to the suppressed version of the m3. Very nice though!


EXACTLY what I was thinking. I second that motion. Either suppress it or put an M76 style perforated barrel jacket on it - that way you can hide the barrel crack and make it look cooler all in one go.

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I resurrect this thread to post a WE Apache, to which I fit a surplus German SEF trigger housing and original slimline handguard with no modification to the airsoft parts and a lot of swearing and Dre

It was missing something. That deficiency has been rectified.

Gave mine a little run down, wasn't going for a used and abused look, just a LOT of used.  

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hey guys - anyone know where I can get a non-functioning m3 greasegun replica? broken airsoft or blankie or nonfunction prop or rubber duck - anything (need for photos n such)


where is a airsoft grease gun available? I have not seen it without SOLDOUT next to it in ages.



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My god I want one of those (again.) :o


I think that was my thought process ... I wanted one ... then I remembered I sold Ollie mine and he said I could buy it back once I got back to good money levels and then I bought it.


And now I am waiting at my post box .. haha nah no am not ... but I would if I could.

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