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I found myself on Arnies again after god knows how long. While I still have my plate carriers, I really got into LBVs mostly due to playing some Milsim West games from time to time. The rig is a FirstSpear Padded Patrol Harness, pouches are mostly Tactical Tailor, and the butt pack is Velocity Systems.


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What was old is new then old and then new and newer again and again etc.  I wear a belt and a small pack for weekend events, same kinda thing I did in basic training really.  I'm always surprised it's not the more population option for long games because PCs are at interfacing with a pack and/or carrying any amount of sustainment kit.

It's a shame they seem to have discontinued that harness because it looks awesome, if I had the room to keep it I'd have snapped one up ages ago.  Vel Sys are doing a couple of things in similar vein atm, don't really rate a lot of their stuff though myself.  That pack you have is a good example of doing something niche in modern materials/patterns that fills a gap in the market though.

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The Joker is FirstSpear’s answer for Jungle warfare. It’s even jumpable. But you’re definitely right, it sucks they stopped the Patrol Harness. Basically an H-harness from the Blackhawk and Eagle era. 

I like the Velocity Systems rig, but it’s basically a modern ALICE belt system. Plus the pouches from the system are really intended for use with their belt. A good example is my butt pack, it has two d-rings I thought we’re mean for rigging kit but it’s actually where the suspenders for the belt system go. So previously on my Patrol Harness the pack would sag badly, worse when stuffed. I ended up rigging it securely with some webbing snaps ITW makes and it’s rock solid now. 

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I'm not one for silly social media trends, but being back on Arnies prompted me to start flicking through my old albums from back in the day. So this is a bit tongue in cheek.

While there were some brilliantly cringe worthy 'Airsofter Loadouts' which I thought looked the dogs danglies back then, I found this pic from 2009 of my first 'Impression'. Back when all I wanted to do was impress the guys from Wannabe. Laugh.

Was all Pantac stuff, and stuff my Dad made in the shed but I thought for the money I put into it from a Saturday job looked alright.

Flash forward to 2019, and it's Crye, LBT bla bla. mashed in with some China made stuff. Even though I quit Airsoft, my fascination with kit never went away.


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