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Can I have a Green Card? Please?

I've got all the gear a man needs, a damn fine suit, waistcoat and tie xDDD -  

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I'm sure it is called Bravo Two Zero, Frog. Otherwise you're not in the wrong.


I must say, such a kit makes me quite jealous. As I have always been a fan of simple belt-line kits that are all about practicality, or at least as practical as the design and technology of the time allowed it to be. Good job, keep it up and good luck.

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Kit list please!

Intrested in what mask that is?



Ok, here we go:


Crye Airframe Replica

Crye AF Cover

Crye AF Rails

MSA Sordin Dual comm

Replica ARC adapters


GPNVG-18 batterypack (replica)


Glasses: ESS Crossbow

Mask: 3M respirator mask (model 6000 if I remember correctly), just removed all the junk, and made custom elastic bands.


NFM neck gaitor

Crye Combat shirt Gen2

Crye Combat pants Gen2

Crye CPC

Crye Dump pouch

Esstac double M4 shingle

Toysoldier Mbitr

Skyeye Tac U94 PTT


And weapons are TM P226 and PTW M4


thats it for the most items. I have a lot of small things on my vest, but I guess that's not really important.


(not on the picture are the Crye low profile belt with the StKss)

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any one know how they used to carry 40mms in the 1st gulf war i can not for the life of me find any pics only the US vietnam era vest. also i need a much larger belt for my webbing as that thing is tiny like 28inches tiny

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any one know how they used to carry 40mms in the 1st gulf war i can not for the life of me find any pics only the US vietnam era vest. also i need a much larger belt for my webbing as that thing is tiny like 28inches tiny


The nam era 203 vest was used for absolute eons right up until the late eighties at least, mate it's perfectly legit to have one for a GW1 impression imo

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We only had UGL's (203's) in the later Iraq war, where they used a bandoleer of 11 40mm shells.




If you are looking at a GW1 SAS/SBS kit though there doesn't appear to be anything specific they used, I imagine 1 or 2 would have pinched a septic 203's vest or would have just put them in pouches they had on their webbing, maybe swapping out 3 mags for a couple of 40mm's.

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75th Ranger Regiment-esque, Doorkicker edition

DSC_7958 by Helix R.I., on Flickr

DSC_7960 by Helix R.I., on Flickr

ICS mk18 block2 - PEQ-15 w/ IR-laser, m600c, Halo Suppressor, Eotech 553
mk.23 - .45 Suppressor
Law72 - PEQ-15 w/ IR Laser

Gen3 MC Uniform
RRV w/ Paca
Mich 2000 w/ Norotos INVG, Dovetail mount, PVS-14 Gen3 Omni7 FG, Wilcox Amber & LIF Filters

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Tactical Scooter ftw. 

My friend's DG base kit. Flyye 6094, Emerson AOR1 set, Ztac Sorbin Comtacs, Emerson Helmet, LBT tac belt. He grabbed real Crye kneepads to swap out with the cruddy Emersons :P








TMC JPC and stuff. 

Condor Hydration pouch, 

Diamond Tactical Dump pouch

2x Real Fastmags,

1x ACM fastmag


Polarstar kit :D


And no day can be complete without the tactical hump.



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Heres my African Mercenary loadout.. might get some Lizard camo though but not sure..


Kit List:
(top to bottom)
DPM Bush hat, dusted OD to dull it down
Scrim Scarf
South African Safari Shirt
SA M83 Vest
      -Poncho, Kenyan Maasai Knife, Cold Steel trainer, 7x M4 mids and various other bits
A&K M249
Regatta walking trousers
OD drop leg holster
TM Colt Python 6"
Lowa Patrol Boots
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TBH the 249 feels off with that kit, it screams RPK or PKM, a MAG 58 would work too... Otherwise nice. Be careful which lizard pattern you buy, some are not correct for Africa


a few images of my SADF kits from various periods







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yeah portuguese is kosher as is french, and danish. DPM is ok for later period like the 90s. let me know how serious you are about R4 parts I'm working on sourcing some right now


I have an Ino Mag 58 as well but its a beast and it has been wet and hot, I don't want that much weight while I'm crawling through a swamp, nor do I want to get lipos wet

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As you seem to be fairly knowledgeable on this is Belgian okay.. I was thinking it might be due to the Congo.. although I do have a nice source for Portuguese stuff


I just saw your pics and very nice loadouts! I would love some 32bn camo but that is way.. way out of budget!


I am also going loosely mid 90's due to using a M249 and the trousers are quite modernish also will gradually get it more 80's.. 


As for R4 parts it'll be a while before I can afford a new rifle (probably xmas time :() and i'd get it from camocorp.co.za as they ship to the UK although shipping is quite a hit! I'l probably save up and get some more Nutria kit while I'm at it!


Also can you recommend any holsters? completely stuck on this!

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I have a setup with bungie cord and velcro in one of my SAAV pouches, but thats because I use a tm mk23(not kosher but I just can't get away from it), if you dig around on your SAAV you'll actually find a holster hidden behind some pouches, I'm not home so I can't check but I'm pretty sure its behind the left front pouch, just remember for sidearms we are talking Makarov, a dainty little thing. On my chesty there is a holsert built in, as its a parabat variant.


I know places made canvas and leather belt holsters and they pop up on bidorbuy.co.za every now and again....


As for 32Bn they primarily engaged in clandestine ops and used a wide variety of patterns, I know Rhodies used the belgian pattern and the old brush stroke m56 dennison smocks, no reason to doubt the stuff made its way to SA.

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