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Pics of your Gear

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Can I have a Green Card? Please?

I've got all the gear a man needs, a damn fine suit, waistcoat and tie xDDD -  

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They look quite good, i have a black issued deployment bag which used for the GZ weekender i dunno why i dont use it more often.


Used my new scabbard and BHI PC tonight, i love the scabbard. The plate carrier could be a little smaller and tighter but thats not to bad.



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well, the Dragunov is actually my primary, as im a more DMR/Sharpshooter role, the thing is that im not in an attacking force, im more in a recon team, but when the SVD is strapped on my backpack, the muzzle is about in the middle of my thigh! so when im kneeling i have to do a "high-kneel" but as that gear was setup for a MOUT Scenario!

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Hello everyone, this is my first post here so:


Airsoft stylization (not reenactment!) NavySEALs ~2005 Iraq/Afghan








Duty belt

2 x 9mm pouch Flyye

M60 pouch G&P

2 x grenade pouch Flyye

canteen pouch G&P

CQC (k)



PACA from EB

MBSS Flyye


3x 5,56mm pouch Flyye

MBITR pouch Flyye

Admin pouch Flyye



Mich2000 Volver + Norotos © + MS2000 Strobe (dummy)

TASC Swimmer ©

Guarder C2



Raid DCU


Alta Kneepads


Motorola Saber ARES (dummy)

VIP IR Strobe ©

safety lanyard ©

lightsticks icon_razz.gif

Mk124 flare - home made dummy

IR flags etc. - home made


MK18 Mod0 (Aimpoint + Wilcox + PEQ2 + M910 - Dboys CQBR)

Sig226 (KWC)



Flyye - Khaki, G&P - "Coyote" ;)


Photo made by my friend Deffik - Canon EOS 500D :)

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Nice Fellowz, Battle Belt & Fleece look great! What make is the Fleece?


Oh, and I think you won't be disappointed with the new Battle Pants - I've got all three Generations from OPS, and the new one is definitely the best!




the fleece is the liner to the 511 tactical agressor parka, i use it as my main cold weather gear for these long british winters.


awesome i cant wait to get them, with any luck ill get them tomorrow :D


@ Pkekyo-Nor - that is Amazing! what camo is that, it looks fantastic!

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