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Oof, I didn't know this thread existed. Everyone glance at the absolute catastrophe that is my purchasing decisions. First up: Inokatsu P226R. P226-02 upgrade kit, with steel trigger, hamme

Second: GHK AUG A2 (OD). Hephaestus 16" steel outer barrel, cut down to the front of the gas block and threaded 14mm CCW and steel valve knocker. Best Gun steel A1 18" barrel extension an

Third: KSC Mk.23 SOCOM System 7. Mafioso Airsoft steel slide and outer barrel. Volante Airsoft ‘Aurora’ high-volume BBU with CNC. This has a steel housing and aluminium nozzle, both CNC-m

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Thanks! I also did a ton of DIY tweaking (helps performance just as much if not more than the upgrades themselves) to get the gun shooting exactly how I wanted it to. End results: 400 fps +/- 1 fps, low 30s rps, more than 200 foot effective range (Haven't really tested groupings yet, but this is the range where I can consistently hit people in skirmishes).

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Another Prime V12 Face Off, this one is in brass.

WA scw2 Meu based




- Prime V12 slide in brass

- Prime V12 frame in brass

- Prime outer barrel steel

- Prime V12 aluminium trigger

- Prime steel SFA trigger and parts

- Prime brass inlay dragon grips

- Prime brass plunger & pins

- Prog4 trigger bar

- long recoil rod in steel

- Prime MSH with magwell

- upgraded hammer & recoil springs


- still to come brass mag release, Wilson type steel safeties and steel beavertail!

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I have looked at almost this ENTIRE thread and I have to say it is very inspiring. Just when i started to feel a little uncomfortable with the economic decisions I've made with my airsoft collection/gear....someone (actually a lot of people) have outdone me!! lol

There are some nice guns out there.

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