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WE Gas Blow Back M4A1 Carbine

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Hehehe, Im with you Hwagan. I dumped my LM4 like a bad habit a few months ago and switched back to the WE platform. Used the extra money to get myself a trademarked M16, slapped a RS A2 upper receiver

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Few days ago I did some test firing from my window, with a warm mag and 0.28 BBs. I was really impressed, coz @ 500fps they flew nearly 130m away!

There is a picture of where they began to fall



If you use the design hop-up with inner barrel, the distance will be more. One thing I never told, this new inner barrel is 6.02mm. So the accuracy will raise up after installed to the WE M4.

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@Whudafxup :I only use the Carbine length(anyway I only have the carabine length inner barrel)


@chris u'5 : Nobody complains so I assume there is no problem...But I only show the gun and fire when there's nobody in sight! Safety rules...lol


PS for those who are not fluent with the meters: 130 meters= 426.50 feet



PS2: I did not that fitring test to see the accuracy it was only how far woulf fly the BBs with a "nearly good" setted up hop up @500fps. in the 350fps configuration, the results are mixed. Some BBs fall after onlythe crossroad whil some fall 3 trees sooner than at 500fps

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As I said above,(or not...lol) I did not those shots for testing the accuracy at "long distance" but only how far the BBs can fly. I'll try the ccuracy when I'll have a sniper scope(wich supports the recoil) and the new 6.02 barrel. Of course, I'll let you know the results! And I just noticed that the valve is broken...again...I'll try with the steel one

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It doesn't matter in the slightest if 'nobody is around or nobody complains' this is the kind of behaviour that will only damage the future of airsoft. There is no excuse for this, I think you should remove the picture for the good of the community. From a young age I was taught to respect firearms (of all kinds) and if I ever did something as stupid as this I would expect a serious slap from my father! (Despite the fact that I'm now 28 years old)

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I permitted myself to do it coz the people here know me. Whe they all saw me the 1st times dressed in my BDU and putting my material in the car they first asked me if I dod Paintball. I said no no lol I play Airsoft. This is the same kind of game but we just use realistic replicas and then I'd show them my guns. Some came on a field where I test my guns in the local forest while they where walking when They hear the sound of the guns. Many ask for testing "to see how it feels". Believe me it's really cool to see all these smiles! I tell them on the safety rules as well so this is why I authorized myself to fire some test shots in the street(but in the trees direction). This is (and will be)the only test shot I do on the street-for safety reasons-I always wait until there is nobody on the street! When I did this test shot, some neighbour where under my window looking at me. When my test was done, I told them wait I come down here and showed them my gun(they asked me if it was a real one and they didn't know what was the airsoft(they where aged people). Then I removed the empty mag, took my gun, the mag and some BBs and rejoined them and explened them what is the airsoft.

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WETTI.. could you please let us know what is different about the "Custom AFC V2"?


OK, here it is:


Ver. 1 = the original release version, which has the infamous zinc alloy bolt release button & some minor fit-&-finish issues. Original hop-up system.


Ver. 2 = steel bolt release button, better fit & finish. Original hop-up system with minor improvements.


ver. 3 (current) = NEW hop-up system replacing the old one.


CO2 version (not-yet-released) = NEW hop-up system + CO2 magazine + Steel nozzle assembly


Of course when the new hop-up system (barrel) is released as an upgrade option, ver. 1 & ver.2 owners can then convert their guns into the ver.3 at minimal costs with the drop-in replacement.


IMO, ver.3 could now be considered the 'Ultimate' version, as most 'achilles heel' of this platform has been addressed to & improved upon. Incidentally, I would like to take this opportunity here to THANK EVERYONE on this thread (& of course William of AirsoftBuddy for kick-starting this most amazing journey!) for your discussions, ideas, suggestions & criticism. It still amazes me how one single platform could draw so many people & attention, yet still going strong 6 MONTHS(!!) after its introduction. Bravo to you all!!



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So does that mean the AFC Version 2, is the version 2?

Why isn't LWA getting the Version 3, since the order hasn't been shipped yet, as far as I know?


They will. I'll work it out with them. Pls understand that this is a transitional period for the 2 versions & some orders do get caught in the middle unfortunately. However, we're taking initiatives to work things out with all our authorized dealers. The bottom line is: ALL who'll be purchasing our (WETTI-AFC Custom) version of the AWSS M4 from now on will end up getting the NEW hop-up system (ver.3) with their purchase.



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aaarrrgh..... Mein Gott!!


I'm itching like I've got a dose of the clap for this new barrel and the CO2 stuff to come out!


My mate has just got his and he's gone all quiet! I can just hear faint fwap fwap noises coming through the internet ether!


I have to say, I am really impressed with the feedback and attention to this thread that WETTI has undertaken. I don't think I've ever seen any other manufacturer so receptive to customer feedback and a willingness to address any issue.


Certainly beats the debacle that was the G&G L85!


Hopefully, this will be one in the eye for a lot of other manufacturers.


I think the main thing about why this is proving to such a nice journey is because whilst the M4 has its issues, we all know its a new product, we can see improvements being made, and quickly, but mostly its because of the interaction of people like WETTI and AB. Good customer service can make even a mediocre product very successful. And this is no mediocre product!


I mean, where else can you get a FULL parts breakdown from a supplier? This gun is so very versatile, its cheap to buy (relatively), its well made, it's realistic, its different (well as different as an armalite is going to get), it's cheap to repair (it's only an O ring or a small part going to fail), its cheap to upgrade (how many other airsoft guns cost about $16 to get from 300fps to 500fps?) and its easy to work on.


I'm sure WE and the gang are well on top of this, but as with all gas guns, just tighten up the velocity consistency and give it a good hop. Full of WIN!


keep it up chaps!

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Well the journey hasn't finished yet people :)


It is good for the retailers, distributors and the manufacturer to be willing to standby and provide so much support for this product. I guess this is a big gamble for WE to produce this, I hope this gamble pays off.


Keep it up guys, we will be supporting you, so long as you keep talking to us and coming up with new ideas and products (hint, don't become WA and manufacture the same M1911/2011 platforms again and again).


I have done my bit in promoting this platform here in my country thats for sure :)


There are still bits and pieces to improve and other bits that make our lives a little better:

- Charging handle

- Steel outer barrels

- A1 and A2 receivers

- Solid stocks


Now we have the SCAR to look forward to, but also all the other models that are possible with this system. With the cooldown minimising magazine design, it opens up all the possible magazine based weapon systems, particularly ones that uses the M16 magazines. And because it cheap, its a winning formula.


So yes, exciting times.




If only the WE pistols are supported also, I haven't shot a WE pistol that shot straight yet. The WE M1911s and the Hicappers has less gas than its magazine capacity. :P

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