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TM FN Five-seveN GBB

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Eh, I just can't see myself owning a pistol whose real caliber is smaller than the airsoft caliber.... :{

Credit... card... trick. I'm gonna cry myself to sleep tonight.

Of course I won't use an M4! What an abomination of a rifle!   If it's anything less than .30 caliber, I don't care about it!

Wouldn't the Creation metal innerslide keep the BBU together? Well, that AND destroying the HU.

I can't check if the metal innerslide also hold the BBU, I'm just brainstorming at my girlfriends.


If there's no improvement for the 5-7, i'll sell it for parts and go check out that PX4 Storm.

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I bought two of these (and 3 spare mags for each) and I've put them away for the time being. While I've only used Duster in mine (with no noticed damage), all these problems are getting me annoyed. The unfortunate thing is the pistol is such a good shooter. Mine have been accurate and even at 260 fps with the duster, I'm still happy with the performance when used at average pistol range.


However, I'm going back to my TM G17 (or my new TM G18c) and I'm even considering my old TM P226 as these pistols seem to be able to take a good amount of use without the problems so many are having with the Five Seven.


The PX4 sounds great, but it has the same hard-kick system as the Five Seven and I'm wondering if thats the whole problem. It's nice to have the snappy recoil, but not at the expense of damaging the pistol.


I'm hopeful someone (like TM!) and work out a solution.

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Wow renegade...that's just fail. I really do not like Guarder anymore lol...but the fact no one else makes a correctly traded frame makes me want to, sadly, buy another one.


Currently I'm using a stock TM slide/frame, and it seems to be holding up; however it hasn't seen as many rounds as my Guarder kit did, since I swapped out the stock TM frame the instant I got it.


Although the flaws are disappointing, you really just have to look out for the gun, because it really is a top performer - not one person that has shot mine has not liked it.

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The PX4 sounds great, but it has the same hard-kick system as the Five Seven and I'm wondering if thats the whole problem.

There really isn't any difference between the hard-kick systems between any of the TM pistols, just difference in piston volume. From the initial PX4 reviews, it's noted to have the same amount of recoil as a Hi-Capa so it shouldn't shake itself to death. The real problem with the 5-7 is that the real one has a plastic outer slide. Either somebody comes up with a one piece inner slide/BBU (like the real thing) that takes all the abuse or just make slides of proper polycarbonate or fiber reinforced nylon. The Guarder stuff is just too frail.



But none of that is keeping me from fielding my 5-7. It's just about the most awesome pistol I've handled. At worst, my only compromise will be lowering the recoil just to make it last longer.

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But none of that is keeping me from fielding my 5-7. It's just about the most awesome pistol I've handled. At worst, my only compromise will be lowering the recoil just to make it last longer.


Agreed. Its propably the best stock performing pistol I have seen. On par or even better than the Hicapa.

+Its not so bad on 134a, at 15C temp I had around 250 FPS, and no problems at all emptying the whole mag.

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Wow thats quite amazing! Ive had mine for a year now running only on propane probably a total of probably 200 - 300 mags through with no trouble. Only really minor issues, as mentioned before the mags did start leaking but some silicone sorted that out in 10 minutes.


Only thing that has been happening recently is the slide seems to jam either half way back or fully back but not because of the slide lock just gets 'stuck'. Ive put it down to needing a stronger recoil spring to force the slide forward to stop this**. Though could it be somthing else?


** It seems all the enhanced recoil springs are sold out everywhere, is the another one that will fit?


Also noticed the outer barrel troubles so i shall get a new outer barrel.




I also dont think I can move to 134a after propane, with the recoil and it firing 325fps wit .25gs it would just be depressing to move to 134a. The Guarder slides are cheap anyways so i dont mind replacing!

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I suppose it's mostly down to temperature why my 5-7 is beat up. Try warming a mag to 30C and shoot a couple rounds, you'd find the recoil to be orgasmic. You can actually keep using green gas/propane (if its cheaper than 134a) without it kicking as much. You just file down the length of the valve knocker which limits the amount of gas put out by the valve.

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Possibly from your outer barrel or hop chamber or both. On stock guns, plenty have experienced having the outer barrel mounting holes fail on them. But before that happens, it gets deformed first and the squished material is pushed outwards. Deformation on the chambers nubs which holds the outer barrel can also happen. With the outward pressure, the whole hop chamber is pushed apart wider and wider making the slide rub against its sides until it jams, or something gives.

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The problems are associated with any gas more powerful than duster, a common problem with all TM pistols.



The reason people stand by them is that they are damned accurate and have ridiculous range, I mean it shoots like an AEG, 150ft range easy if not more.

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So exactly what is the general rule of thumb? I read through it there's still no definite answer, just got a 5-7 with Guarder frame set.


According to the Marui manual, you should not use this gun abover 40 degrees celsius with HFC134a is around 130psi


Now 40 degrees with propane/green gas/ top gas is around 204psi 30 degrees is 155psi... so if you use propane around 80F or 26.7C it would be 128psi (the limit they recommended)


Is there anyone here got a blown slide using propane below 25 degrees? (In Canada, HFC134a are bloody expensive $10 for 12oz vs propane 16.4 oz for $5)


I'm just guessing...


If that's the case, simply use HFC134a if the weather is above 27 degrees and below 25 use Propane.

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Hey everybody, I just spent a good chunk of my afternoon reading every post in this thread after what I saw when I disassembled my Five-seveN.


Basically, my problems are nothing new to you all. I've got an outer barrel that is about to 86 itself, hop up barrel nubs that are sure to wear down soon, loose BBU rails, and what is either part FN-9 or FN-12(spring, see exploded diagram) mangled and caught somewhere where it shouldn't be above my piston.


Exploded diagram link : http://www.sakurasys.com/matrix/tm57diag.jpg


But one thing I have wrong that wasn't covered here was user error. In my attempt to remove the BBU I snapped a small section of one of the rails off. I didn't at the time (and still don't) understand how to "pry" off the inner slide and BBU. I had removed all the screws (pretty sure all of them) and started lightly pulling in places that looked right, then eventually broke out a flat head and got myself where I am now.


None of the internal parts will budge, and if I apply any more force I fear I will only do more damage.


What is the word on replacement parts? The barrel is simple enough I figure, just replace it with a MAG steel barrel (installing a tightbore wouldn't hurt :) ), but the hop up is a different story, that and my newly busted BBU.


Pardon me for the blurry cellphone picture, but this is the busted rail area.


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I'm glad I got rid of mine when I did. All in all it was a decent shooter, performance on par with other TM GBBs I've had, but the reports on here prompted me to ditch it before any of the problems described in here arose. The kick was decent, and probably the best out of the TMs I've had, but honestly nothing special - my System 7 USP kicks harder. The main irritant I had was the magazines and the grip. The mags themselves hold a lot of gas, leading to a large number of shots per fill - but again its beaten by the USP. The mags are also very irritating to load, especially when you're used to a more convenient design (i.e. lock down followers, a la KSC/KWA). The grip shape irritated me somewhat for two-handed shooting, although it is probably the best grip I've used for one-handed shooting.


..but the lack of aftermarket support and replacement parts for the common faults shown in the thread are what sealed the deal for me.

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Hrrmm... Don't really like all these posts about not wanting it because it might break. That's a bit cynical. Tell me what other airsoft equipment you have that has not been reported as faulty or broken, somewhere by someone. Add to that the fact that we foolishly run these TM guns on Green Gas and then say it's a *suitcasey* product when it snaps in half. That's the trade off you make when you run Green Gas, it WILL shorten the life of your products, period.


Before your next purchase, think twice, because it MIGHT break on you... Better just keep your money in the bank then.




You also need to realise the main reason people post on these types of boards is because they need help when something goes wrong. Think of all the people out there who own a 5-7, or any gun for that matter, that is working great, never an issue, you don't hear much from them, do you ?



I for one am satisfied with mine, allthough I am more of a collecter/plinker than anything else so that plays a part I guess.


As for getting the BBU out, it is difficult. I found using flexible thin plastic toothpics worked the best for me, just slid them in 2 on either side of the BBU and then smacked it out with my palm. Using a screwdriver will surely mess something up, either your slide or BBU. It is a bit of an odd design that I had never ran into before, basically jamming the BBU in place with pressure/retention and plastic tabs.




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