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My CA MP5a2, one of the original v1's from like 2000/2001ish 

On 11/9/2020 at 3:31 PM, Murdoc said:

Hi there! I want to make an authentic classic MP5 SD. So MP5A3 fire selector and G3 fire selector is the same? (Think in Marui/CA/JG/CYMA universe...)


Negative, G3 lowers are longer and have 2 pin holes in the back, not 1 like the MP5. 



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So, finally got this project finished. Far more work than I might have hoped for but I have learnt some things for next time(!).  

My VFC MP5K with SP89 handguard and VFC MP5 with an K grip adapter.  

LCT HK21 conversion

Posted Images

On 12/22/2020 at 11:58 PM, wolfgeorge said:

I have to get one of these CETME pieces for my G3 ! 

Those are G3 stock and handguard, which you should find easier than CETME ones.

CETME handguards have a shorter, deeper and wider groove and only 5 holes at the top, instead of 6.
The stocks are also different, with no metal insert for the sling on the left side and a different cut on the part that attaches to the body.

Here you'll find an excellent compilation of photos.

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TM NGRS G36KA2 turned into a Garand Thumb G36C, part list: 

- CA G36 Knight's Armament sight rail, chopped down

- VFC G36 RAS for GBBR


- Manta Defence rail cover

- Magpul AFG2

- WE IDZ stock

- Mystery G36C grip with symbol marking over the S/E/F of the G36K

- G36 PMAG


A few 3D printed parts, as this is an AEG, there's a huge gap between the handguard and the body after the VFC rail was installed, so I had to print a piece and fill it with Milliput. A hole is also visible through the secondary bolt position for security the barrel, so this has been filled by a printed hexagonal piece, which is then filled and sanded. 

A mock G36 - AR magwell was designed based on the one used in the video, the original plan was to make a magwell adapter to work with NGRS M4 mags, but upon starting it I realise there's a lot of alignment issues that will take some time to resolve, so for now this just takes G36 pmags (which visually is pretty close to the PMAGs he used in the video anyway). 

The pin retainer for the adjustment positions in the WE stock also snapped off during handling, so had to print a reinforced version, file available here if anyone ever snaps theirs. 

Body finish is still WIP, some of the Milliput mark are still quite visible, I also filled in the toy marking on the receiver, will eventually have this painted properly, probably cerakoted once everything is sanded flat. 

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WIP LCT G3A3 build


Forend/Stock, forend pin, rear sight and all screws/washer/ bipod / carry handle

Trying to figure out the easiest way to remove the flashider, then will mount real front sight and flashider.

OD grip on order from Redwolf. Real magazine shells soon.

Edited by judgeman
img uploader not working for some reason? bar just sits there for hours and doesn't move.
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My VFC GBB HK416, based on a DEVGRU rifle, circa 2007.


ARMS 40 rear BUIS
KAC flip up front BUIS
EoTech 552
Hogue Grip
Surefire M600B w/ FM53 filter and fat thumb screw
H&K 1.25” Universal Sling
Replica LA5
Replica KAC Broom handle
Replica GG&G 1048
Replica BE249 Flashider
Garmin Foretrex 101 inside LBT pouch


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My new WE Apache..



And my old CA MP5 SD2


I poached the EXPS to put on the Apache and in its place I have an Eotech 552 on the way for the SD2 to fit a more period correct look with the SEF lower. I also need to rubberize the Apache handguard (or buy an SRC one) to be able to mount a RAS lower rail like on the SD2, which will be happening soon...


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My VFC MP5 GBBRs, both ver. 2. One MP5K-PDW and one MP5A2 with VFC "early model" SEF lower. RS H&K claw mount and RS Aimpoint 5000 on the A2, RS H&K magazine clamp on both. The SEF lower on the MP5K-PDW I'm not sure about, I bought it on a whim from a guy and it was a drop-in fit :)






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Grabbed a vfc ump....and of course the charging handle got busted in shipping. So...time to see if the real steel USC/UMP charging handle fits without crazy amount of mods. The trades are pretty sexy though (other than the "cal 6mm BB" and white wall of text)





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