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AR15 Variants and Derivitives Picture Thread

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I'm not an AR fan, so from my point of view this isn't blasphemy.




Oooold King Arms sportline M4, 9MM conversion kit, wire stock and some old suppressor. Unfortunately, the stock and 9MM kit are Matrix and Angel Custom, Ecrap's brands.

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A VFC I bought yonks ago and still haven't finished.  Original plan was to be a sort of mirror to all the black KAC guns with FDE Magpul that were the thing 4-5 years ago, just need to swap the current forend for another ALG Defense one in black then I'll be happy with the looks.






She ain't a looker, but with the ambi controls, QD point right at the back, access to the light from both sides and a short/light barrel and M-LOK tube she's handy for CQB.

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Like the proverbial bus, you wait and then two Knights Armament turn up at the same time.


By far my favourite setup thus far, feels so natural to hold and grip.


GHK based

Madbull/KAC Airsoft URX 3.1 10.75" RIS

Dytac 12" KAC styled dimpled outter barrel (made for WA spec, modded to fit GHK)





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