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KJW KC-02 GBB Tactical Rifle

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This baby will be on stage sunday, maybe chronoed ^^

It's done and was in those last pics, not much more to show   Full galley here : https://plus.google.com/photos/117328876138007382074/albums/5735374121112598897   Got some problems with my bolt c

Only did the can test at home by 25°c With ultrair gaz, went through each side of the can, but didn't pass the bottom of it. So 400 fps ?

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Bought a WA M4 GBB magpul grip and it doesn't fit. The curve at the back of the grip is the wrong angle, so it won't sit flush :(

What I meant is the same reason why I will not be able to fit a PRS stock.

The height of the tube, to the grip is short, that's why you cannot use it with collapsed stock.

The thumbhole one will ride over the 10/22 :/

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Duster/134a will do it, other than that nobody seems to have released an NPAS or lower powered nozzle yet. I suppose it might be possible by shimming a part of the valve as some people did with WA M4s before RA-T made the NPAS, but I don't fancy taking mine apart far enough to try and do anything like that.

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HFC will only produce under 330m/s with .20 bb, which isn't ideal for sniping.

Heavier BBs will take you over 1J.

No NPAS available :(


OMG 330m/s ? Thats over 1000fps .. no wonder people use them for sniping :D


J/k aside ... too bad i can't find the wood stock for it in Europe. I've been eyeballing this puppy since it came out :(

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