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Looked like Aoki from that angle. Never heard of Glau...but she looks equally nondescript.



Summer Glau played River in firefly/serenity??


She is far from nondescript....lol


My current desktop...



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Im guessing those are movies? Never heard of them.


TBH, the only movie girl who piques my interest is Christina Ricci.



Firefly was a TV series from Joss Whedon which was cancelled before it's time, he and the hardcore (read...sad/geeky lol) fans fought for years to get it back and ended up getting a feature film, Serenity, made from it.


Both are really good if you're into Sci Fi.


Oh and to any interested, my desktop is an artist rendition of the Battle of Yonkers....if you don't know what that is then I'm apalled :P haha

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Sorry, not heard of that either. Yonkers...sounds like NY which sounds like ACW. Is it the one where one side had to evac a load of people from Manhattan?


Wiki, here I come!



Right place, wrong setting :P



Haha it's from WWZ. Battle of Yonkers, US army v Undead horde......US army get raped, bad preperation

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WWZero is also known as Ironstorm: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_of_Western_Europe


The premise is, WW1 never ended and both sides are keeping the war running because its profitable to do so. You even get TV messages throughout the game talking about the share values in each type of armament etc ;) Its great for What If?ers like me!


Qbert... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcNNn7gfarI...feature=related I remember this from when it was new :P

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This is my current, shown with the dock expanded (normally hidden):



It is of Lord Buddha taken in Thailand at the Doi Suthep temple. It is © me and FREE to download at my Buddhist Wallpaper Collection!


Preview collage:





The desktop setup is a custom one of my own based on the work shown in Lifehacker.com. I have a post about how I set it up and why I have such an empty desktop here:


Zen and the writers desktop – 7 Steps to writers freedom





Basho :D

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