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2011 Picture Thread

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Nice!  That polished frame is perfect.


What front sight is it?




Thanks, the frame is actually modified from a 6" with the extended dustcover. It was then polished from 8-1500 wet grit, then a hazing with fingerstones, then burnished, then hit with MAAS and their top notch sealer. The pics are actually before the sealer went on, so they do not show as 'mirrored' a finish as it now appears in real life. I highly recommend the stuff the $30 kit.


The sight is from FA, I believe.


And to answer all the PMs, it is a Magna (pre-SCW) gun, not an SCW. Everything is either SD or CP, with some Sheriff and PDI parts thrown in where available/applicable. It also has some real steel parts, like the Tungsten recoil rod modified to fit, and a titanium hammer strut, also slightly modified.


The Tungsten is heavy, but is a b$*^& to drill into! (for the cone)

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Copy that on the CO2. I've been having a blast with my Hi Capas this week. I love this stuff! No sign of wear on any of my guns so far which have seen 1-200 rounds each. The test bed Capa is now up to ~1500 shots, and it is fine. Maxed out, of course, so I've got all confidence CO2 won't pose a problem anytime soon with normal lubing/maintenance.


Love that kick!

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co2 mags are deffinetly the way to go. iv been running my WE 5.1 k on co2 for quite some time and iv seen no where on it. the other day i bought 2 baby high capas witch i will run on green and use as qb dualies.


oh and today i ordered a dees custom 6.01 barrel fo rmy 5.1 along with 2 guarder high flow valves for my co2 mags, 2 new feed lips, and a new co2 mag, i also have an upgraded hammer spring.


i should be experiencing some nice recoil kick when all this stuff gets here. ill be sure to take pictures.

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