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My P90.

No pics atm but it cost £982 and $1854 very custom gun, ill post pics as soon as i get back from hols.

P90 TR £184.99

300rd Hi-Cap £29.99

600mah 8.4v Battery £29.99

M100 Internal Upgrade£119.99

High Quality Piston £14.99

6.04 Inner Barrel £39.99

Metal Frame £79.99

1700mah 9.6v J Battery £44.99

P90 QD Silencer £79.99

High Quality Flash Hider £24.99

External Battery Pouch £29.99

P90 Mag Holster £24.99

P90 Box Mag £84.99

P90 Swivel Sling £14.99

M100 Engineering Fee £30.00

Stargate Chest Sling £45.00

Reflex Site £39.99

Rubber Butt Stock £16.99

450rd Hi-Cap £22.99

450rd Hi-Cap £22.99


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Just go to ebay for the dummy rounds, it's not a secret no need to PM that.


Anyway, back on track 1k club. One gun with accessories reaching 1K USD.

$220+25 Hurricane HKM4D Body

$100 KA M3 Scope and Mounts

$125 G&P Crane Stock with Batteries

$385 KAC M5 RAS

$150 Gearbox and classified internals

The rest is history, it's past 1K so it doesn't matter. :D


Forgot the pic:



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Oh yeh, ebay linking isn't appropriate in this topic. Good thing for the PM. Goodluck. I still got about 70 rounds from my purchase. I sold a few to some friends for $1 per bullet hehe. Good business!


Anyway, here's another 1K USD Club Gun. Soon it will be in the 2K club.



$325 Surefire M951C

$308 KAC RIS

$85 G&P Crane Stock

$148+25 Hurricane Colt M4 Body

$40 Generic real gun rear sight

$100 Lithium Ion Polymer Batt

$65 Steel Set (charging handles, latch, bolt, ejection port cover, etc)

$50 KA 10.5 inch Barrel


Oops that's past 1K, must stop now.

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Thanks guys.


I use Krylon and Rustoleum. They're readily available $3-4 USD. Paint with Rustoleum Nutmeg first. Then add Rustoleum Satin Green. Then add Krylon OD. Then back to Nutmeg. Then repeat process till there is no pattern that repeats. Repetition not good for me. Avoid straight lines, stripes, etc. After 24 hrs, play with the gun so its paint wears out easily. Avoid painting mags especially its interior. Mags are ok to paint if magwell is loose, but it's better to just paint the inside of the magwell than paint the mag. Paint in multiple short bursts. Move hands fast across the gun while doing quick waving motions and at the same time cutting off the paint burst at some random point.

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Here's my 1K gun (I feel so priveledged to join these esteemed ranks):






G&P battery stock with custom battery, deans connectors and re-wire job

CA HK51 outer barrel (the G36 barrel is just too dang long - I've since changed this to a G&P K outer and steel K flash hider)

Homemade carry handle rail mod with G&P aimpoint and STAR sling pin

405mm tightbore with the HK51 barrel and a 363mm tightbore for the K barrel + other misc internal bits and upgraded selector switch, etc...

H&K USP slipon-grip

A whole mess of STAR midcaps (not pictured) and G&P grenades (not included in my price calculations)



This is one of 3 G36 models I own, and it's my pride and joy.

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Wow, you guys are fast - I posted this 90 seconds ago, and got two reps. I really do count it a priveledge to have been able to spend this kind of money on the hobby I love (I have a very understanding wife), so I really appreciate it - thanks guys.


I do have another G36 that is rapidly approaching the 1K mark - would love to get pics up of it when (and if) it does break the barrier.


Now, if I posted my gear, you guys would cry. All I can say about that is, I've used cheaperthandirt a lot... :cheese: - it works and I love my loadout, but it's sure not worth posting pics of. However, I am proud of my TRUs


Some of the Armalites in this thread are so gorgeous. I used to hate Armalites, and lately, I've been feeling the itch. I keep telling myself, if I get one, it will have to be an HK416, but I don't know if I'll be able to hold out that long, especially not after browsing threads like this one!

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the stock is $300 alone, stock adapter $30, $130 for the barrel, $170 for the metal body, $100 for the ris, grips $60, internals $120, laser $100, silencer $90. that's over $1k,


I mean I could post pics of my saws as they would be in the club, but its hard to find a nonstar saw that isn't ;) . Hopefully my ebr will be here this week. then you can all say how i raped an m14.

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