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Pictures of your latest acquisition V2.0

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Real 249 boxmag with 10 rounds


came with an american carrying satchel too





I just bought 10 of those from a fried. he bought a 2000 Lot of them from the US Gov. LOL...


anyway for all of you buying cases... I have like 8 of them. no Glocks... but i do have Springfeild (1911/2011), Hk soft case by Eagle Industries, Walther p22 and p99, and 2 FN FiveSeven cases... they where for sale for ever and no one would buy them...

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how was that ACTION kit?  everything ive read said they were of poor quality and fit...you disagree?



How's the ACTION body and slide? Any work necessary for the fitting?


You might want to go here


Action Kit vs. G&P


Also on another note,Some people are posting huge images, could you all in future post them at 800x600 for two reasons,


We can actually see the whole image

People with slower Internet connections have a chance of actually seeing the thread.


Members using Windows XP there is an excellent tool available for free from MS called Power tool Image resizer that allows you to resizes images with a right click to any chosen size. It is designed for users to edit images quickly for posting on the net or converting to PPC.


Direct link:


Get it here


More Power tools



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Well over the last few weeks I have been a busy chap and got myself:

Viper SA assualt vest

Shooting glasses

DPM Trousers

DPM Ripstop coat thing

Strike gloves

Classic army MP5 A2

G&G RIS foregrip

Hard case

Scott tactical goggles

Viper replica M88 helmet and 3 covers.

Knee pads

Ibex HK Police vest


And I am currently awaiting shipment of:

ASG MK23 Stealth assassin (If the firkin thing ever gets through customs!!)

Electro Holographic RDS

low mount for MP5

Box of 8 Mid caps

SWAT fingerless gloves.


I am just getting into the whole airsoft thing and these should get me up and running!!

As soon as the final items arrive I'll get the photos up for everyone.

If I get chance tomorrow I'll try to get the first ones up then. :D


Also could someone PM me in regards to setting up a photo box thingy so I can put the photos up. :P:unsure:


Ohh yeah and 2 boxes of 10 pea grenades! :blink:


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OLKA MICH Helmet (tan)




Rhino MICH NV Helmet Mount, IGNORE the nv in the pics, it doesn't include the NV. LOL.




Uh so this should give you a clue as to what I plan on buying later this summer *cough*

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Just got my new desert eagle in! :D






And because all great things come in threes:




*sigh* my latest airsoft buying spree has left me about $1500 in debt. and it was well worth it!!!one!111!!eleven!! :P

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Wore mine yesterday around San Francisco.  Cut the wind and cold out very well, considering how light and thin it is.  Very happy with it.  Caught some people eyeing my shoulders, probably couldn't figure out why velcro was on the pockets.  The tourists wearing t-shirts and shorts that end up surprised and freezing always amuse me for some reason.


JCYC5 is correct, it has to do with the layering system for cold weather.  PCU = Protective Combat Uniform.

... and it comes with pants, too:


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That pic is from Autumn last year. The fabric resembles those sophisticated ones of hiking clothes, thus should have its advantages and disadvantages compared with cotton BDUs.


Oh! That should make it quite nice to wear...


Where can you get that over here?

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