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Silenced Guns Picture Thread

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Hussssh....Puppy Mk22 Mod0 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

You see Ivan, when use suppressor like me you never hesitate of shooting for fear of running out of gas.

Ivan special

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TMP or MP9? [EDIT]I can just make out 'KWA' in the photo.[/EDIT]


What's it lying on? That looks like an injection mould, or maybe it's something that's upside-down?


^ looks like a plastic pallet or ropak.


KWA Mp9, Black lower and Ranger Grey upper.  


Sitting on an overturned pallet.

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This APB is a pre-production model completed by NPO-AEG for Atacka.com, the US-based distributor of the refinished Gletcher GBB Stechkin.


If you want to order from the UK, rusmilitary sells the Gletcher guns directly.


NPO-AEG will release the APB kit (slide + barrel + silencer + stock) as a kit some time in 2014 (?).  To get that you'll have to order through Atacka because as far as I know, Rusmilitary has nothing to do with NPO-AEG.

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