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Embarrassing moments


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Erm drinking a bottle of JD in the space of an hour.


It was surreal. Apocalypse Now was on the T.V., and was talking to a friend while watching it.


I could only either hear the T.V., or my friend. Not both at the same time.


Also, in the morning, the house was trashed. My best friend had left me a note, written on toilet paper, in the middle of all this mess. Just said 'Great party, but you might have to apologise to a few people...'


Apparently, I'd been lying on the floor, almost comatose, talking loudly about how I really wanted to *fruitcage* this girl.


Worked out well, really. We've been together for 2 years now!!



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Was at a weekened party at a kind of hired out dormitory place.


The rooms were small two storey affairs with offset staircases...




...and at the top of the stairs in each room was a bed.


So anyway, we had a load of drink - but one of my mates who was there is a real lightweight. He's stick thin and about 5' 7", but that's no excuse for this...


He has maybe the same amount as a double shot of red wine and gets absolutely plastered.


He staggers back to the room, somehow makes it up the staircase (no easy feat while sober, I can tell you - I was VERY impressed!) then falls asleep on this bed at the top of the stairs.


So the night progresses and we get steadily more and more drunk and decide to put toothpaste on his face for the hell of it.


So about five of us descend on the room, creep up the stairs and are all standing, swaying slightly, on the stairs behind the guy at the top with three tubes of toothpaste.


He applies the paste, the guy wakes up, smacks him in the face, the paster falls backwards into this girl who just falls off the steep, uneven stairs who lands on me who lands on the other two guys below me.



So we're all lying at the bottom of this staircase, in absolute (drunken) agony in a big pile, covered in toothpaste (the tubes split) the guy on top has a cut lip and bleeding nose, the drunk guy has gone back to sleep.


At this point, the caretaker of the commune comes in to ask us to keep the noise down and finds us all lying there laughing our heads off...



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Having your younger cousin walk in on you while your having sex at the age of 15 and trying to be sly so your parents dont know what your up to and asking what your doing im not naming names Cougth (evoracer) Cougth


Got an errection in geography on none uniform day when I was 14 was busy staring down a girls top I fancied, needless to say she noticed and a few of her mates did as well, we actually started going out a week or so after that.


ill try and remember more later..

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Got an erection in geography on non-uniform day when I was 14.  I was busy staring down a girl's top I fancied,




Interestingly your second spelling mistake made it possible to infer that "none uniform" day was a day on which the uniform you wore was "none" i.e. you were naked. That would have been particularly embarrassing.

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Reposted from the original I made on b3ta QOTW on 'Shame':


Everyone I know, knows this...

So a little self-outage. I've even had people I barely know bring this story up.


Anyway back in the golden days of University my long-term girlfriend had just ditched me and hooked up with another guy from my course. I wasn't expecting this at all and of course recovered in time honoured tradition by getting completely bladdered for a while.


On reflection this is my first bit of shame as it ruined my degree somewhat and I didn't achieve what I had been earmarked to do. Still I'm content now. I digress...


About a month later and my best mate was away at home in London so I head out with his girlfriend and one of her mates for a few drinks. The evening begins well but soon she starts buying me Sambucas, we progress through the evening with me getting more and more worse for wear eventually ending up in a nightclub.


In the club the drinking continues, spiced up with a bit of dancing. Eventually culminating in me pulling my best mates girl. Shame number two.


Walking home we pick up takeaway and head back to hers. At this moment in time I was thinking two things:


1) She screams like buggery.

2) My ex lives in the room next door.

1&2) Revenge.


From here on in things become a little hazy and I wake in the morning to find myself ###### naked next to the girl. In my now hugely hungover and sober state I am in full on shame #3. What the *fruitcage* am I going to tell my best mate? Anyway as a bit of damage limitation I decide the best course of action was to run the away. I hop out of bed to gather up my clothes only to discover they are ###### wet through. This is a bit odd thinks I. On further investigation (a bit of a sniff) it turns out to actually be ######. Getting into my soaking clothes I discovered I'd even ###### on my t-shirt! The overwhelming sense of shame of pissing all over my clothes in my best mates girlfriends bedroom was only further compounded when I found a neat pile of ###### at the end of her bed!


This was now far too much, so without explanation I bolted out the door and left her to sort it all out.


The walk back to my flat was truely a walk of complete shame. Covered in my own ######, I had no idea what I was going to say to my best mate, his girlfriend or what I had really done.


Anyway the end result is that my ex didn't speak to me for a good long while. My best mate was knobbing his ex back home in London and was looking for an excuse to dump his current girlfriend anyway. The girl in question moved away a year later and we haven't heard from her since.


The shame has been dulled by the retelling and has got to the point that it's generally the first story people will tell about me. I hope to trancend one day to ludicrous urban-legend.


But my god the shame!


Longest. Post. Evar. And I cut bits out.


Edit: The swear filter makes it seem even worse now.

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Playing bass with my band, we were playing iron maidens different world at a clubs "practice room" that we rent for about an hour. So everyone who knows the song knows that you canät play it without doing a little headbanging, so i'm headbanging infront of the drummer (not that smart) whilst some girls from my class come to *fruitcage* video my little performance and getting it shown to almost everyone at school.

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I was at a friends for a skirmish and it was over, so, I went inside becuase there was a little party type thing going on after words, but my this time, no one had camo on or anything and no weapons and he had invited the girl I like ALOT amongst other relativly hot girls and I didn't know it. And they aren't the type that think men running around in camo shooting low powered BB guns at each other is cool. So I walk through the door and everyone is kinda in the area near the door the hot girl and everyone else turns around and see's me in my complete loadout. It was very akward.


Last Summer at the beach at my local lake a few friends and me had just been going fishing out on the lake and we had just come to tie up when the same Hot girl as above is standing on the dock in a bikini, awstruck I'm looking at her for what seemed like a very long time. But, I was standing on the seats and I have very bad balence so, not paying attention to whats going on, the boat suddenly hits the dock and I get launched into the water. Very emmberasing.



I lit my friend on fire one time. We were playing with the hairspray flamethrower thing and I had my bottle and I didn't know the sprayer was in his direction and I let a burst go and some hairspray had gotton on his leg when the flame hit it it burst into flames. It was great. Except it left some good burns.

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One from me and one on behalf of my friend:


Mine-I went with the same buddy as below, his girlfriend and his dad to their lake place/campground. Anyways, night rolls around and I start snagging drinks from his dads liquor getting completely trashed (I was 17 at the time). My buddy and his girlfriend decide to go for a walk and invite me along. I end up falling behind them and then getting completely lost (although I didn't know it at the time) and I make my way back to the fire. I sit down, drink in hand, and start talking gibberish and giggling like a little girl. Turns out, it wasn't our campfire but some random people across the campground. My buddy came and found me and these other folks were cool about it but it was very embarrassing the next day.


My buddy-Me and a bunch of guys I knew from highschool were out cruising around looking for something to do and somebody says we should stop at my buddies house and see what he's up to, and if he wants to come out. We get there and it's around midnight and the house is completely dark but we send a guy up to peek into the basement window and see if our buddy is up watching tv. He walks up, looks in the window for about five seconds and then gets back in the car. His face was completely pale and everybody kept asking what happened and if he was there and this other guy kept saying, "Just drive, man, just drive." Turns out this friend of ours was sitting in his house on the couch right under the window jerking it into a sock. He's getting married in August and I'm thinking a pack of socks might make a nice gift. :D

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It was awkward when girls saw you in full loadout? When I went to school in my loadout for Senior Week, all the girls wanted pictures with me. They were commenting on how real I looked, and what not. It rocked.



It just seemed akward. Everyone was in civvie garb and they all kinda turned around with these wierd looks on there faces. The bad part was, I had no other clothes so I spent the remainder of the night and next morning wearing woodland cammie, a weestatch, shamag and boonie. But, I may have to try what you said above.



EDIT: I just remebered. One time when I was skirmishing I came around a corner and swung my gun around really hard and fast and my G5 Gemtech surpresser wasn't securec all the way and it flew off hitting my friend in the forehead. Then we had to explain to his mom why he had a bruise that looked like the buisness end of my silencer.



Oh yes, I've almost gotten caught a couple times staring down hot girls tops.

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Ughh i dont feel so good, went to one hell of a party last night woke up this morning and one of my "friends" had decided to shave my moustache to make me look like everyones favourite facist hitler!


Just got home from a very awkward walk back and im praying there arent any photos, im going to shave it off before anyone else salute me!

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Well what can I say, i'm at the driving range with my dad and brother (both into thier golf) messing about trying to hit anything in the range. I take the world's mightiest swing but since i've been there a while, a little gas had built up and yup, I gave off a squeeker and whilst in the middle of the swing I burst out laughing then hit the ball at such an odd angle it went upwards and hit the ceiling! I don't know if anyone heard but it was embarrasing and damned funny at the time.

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embarrasing........... embarassing.........???? had a few this weekend


getting my brand new custom scar chronoed at 34fps was a tad humiliating, the second shot then didnt actually make it over the second sensor... had it up to 270 by mid afternoon though (dirty barrel caused it)


oh and being killed by Mad_Larkin about 8 times in 3 minutes


and does getting a tad drunk and offering to service all the guys at the weekender in exchange for £135 so i could buy an aug count? i really wanted that aug, and it may very well have out performed my scar. so never let it be said i wont take one for the team :blush:

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Ha you dance? Your lamer than I am!

I used to dance. It's a bloody good way of keeping fit, and to be honest, I'd rather take a guy that can dance over a kid who spams about wanting every gun in and out of production with a load-out worse than mine. So keep your trap shut, chav boy, and leave the posting to the grown-ups.

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