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Try http://www.blades-uk.com for all the best toys in this country :D


I dont do knives, that's my brother's thang, and after getting arrested for possesion of an offensive weapon years ago, I tend to avoid them :S


Swords however. I have got a few of those :


carbon steel gladius

5ft claymore

o-ren-ishii's katana from Kill Bill

chinese Dadao coming soon...

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I have


Cold steel spike (by my bed) Very Nice.


M16 CRKT (very solid)


Cold Steel custom Ti-lite (very very nice)



I carry a Leatherman Ti (the new one)



Plus various martial arts tanto and above weapons and my fencing blades.

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err on the side of caution regarding those push knifes- I doubt that the police or customs would care less if they were made of metal or carbon fibre.


obviously, it'd be worth checking with both the manufacturer/retailer, but also your local constabulary, just to find out.


had a friend have his and his dads entire collection of exotic edged weapons confiscated a number of years ago because one slightly dodgy one, which occupied another of the uks famous legal "grey areas", got noticed by customs.


swift call to the police later, and down came the hobnailed boot of the law on my mates front door :(

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Crazy Harry is right,


Err on the side of caution, do not import anything illegal into the UK. Delivery form Cold Steel is usualy pretty fast with a pre-declared customs form, usualy stating the contents as "cutlery" even when it contained my tomahawk!


Edit to add: Cold Steel am Bestest!

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:rules: Sorry guys, but I'm going to have to be the trademark miserable git and question why we're discussing ownership of objects that are potentially illegal in the UK(I think it's 3 inch or longer blades... bit rusty on the legislation), when the moderators (including you Enzo, forshame :P) have all on maintaining airsoft limits within that interpreted legal limit of 328fps...


But then I'm a re-enactor who still has an (admittedly pathetic now) collection of foils, crappy alloy blade katanas, and an amusingly sharp indian cavalry sabre. So I won't.  :innocent:


The law states that you cannot carry anything longer than a 3.5 inch folding blade on your person. You also cannot carry any knife with a locking blade. However if you're a Scot you can carry a dirk as part of your national costume.


I have a Spyderco Police, Spyderco Endura, Leatherman Supertool and a few swiss army knives.


I always have a few blades on me because I'm forever wanting to cut things.

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knives and edged weapons occupy a bit of a grey area in general, I'm afraid-


discussion of carrying edged weapons in public that are illegal- ie edged weapons with more than a 3" blade, or spring loaded blades, or locking blades, will result in the thread getting summarily trashed and the users responsible severely boll... warned.


ownership of edged weapons is ok, unless there is the potential (useually as interpreted by the police and judiciary) that those edged weapons are owned with the intention or potential to commit criminal acts.


obviously, with the new anti-terror laws turning britain just a teeny bit orwellian, the stockpiling (collecting) of offensive weapons (knives) can be interpreted to be a threat to the safety of the public, if the police and judiciary (should it ever get before a judge and jury, rather than result in indefinate house arrest without charge) choose to interpret it that way.


when ground covered in broken glass, Confucius, he say, "walk somewhere else".

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what began as a potential "fastest lock in the known universe" award has since developed into a firm contender for oscar for "easily the most surreal, yet hilarious thread known to arniekind."


thanks in no small part to Havoc_mans sterling contribution.


and to the chap who said "how is stockpiling kernivs dangerous, they can't use them all at once..."


well, thats why they stockpile them, isn't it.


you might as well argue that the US army can't stockpile WMDs cos there aren' enough countries out there to need that sort of quantity...


silliness, I say!

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