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Pictures Of Yourself In The Field Or At A Game

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btw just recalled i have the disc from marzi with all the photos from op rednal 2 if you havent got a copy already. (havent been using it as a coaster... honest)




Ok kie u can drop off the disk to me sometime then.



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^^ above is the super duper air operated weapons that fire lasers at a screen; guess its cheaper than going to an actual range but half as fun.


Well its the only place that I am allowed to kill commies and fire the ma duece so Im happy :D


Badly Browned, nice pics but I thought they shut down Fort Ord for airsofting?

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Jup, it was as cold as it looks... Minus 10° Celsius...














My home for at least 30hrs. at -10°C!


Whole Gallery can be found here http://foxone-milsim.de/bilder/

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Here are some photos of the guys I play with:

From a game on 24 Nov



Thats me sitting crosslegged in the staging area. Like towellie, I have no idea what's going on. Thanks for the pic Doc!



-Oh and that guy yall are talkin about goes by Santa. he's the sneakiest player you'll ever meet. great guy, if a little on the 'unconventional' side.

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Never heard of the blunatic ballistic tactical contact lenses?

It was an non-public milsim training of our team, so no shots were fireed, in fact neither were the mags loaded nor the power source connected!

Sole reason was training of field and bushcraft skills as well us testing our gear for cold weather, and have a chat at the base camp, before christmas...

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Is that the BE-X camo?

Well, yes, I think in the largest resolution images you even can see the label on my gear.

Pretty naturally, since I am the one responsiople for the development of this gear :)

So everything, exept knife (which is finnish), boots and rifle is designed by my self.

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