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New favourite gun! Galaxy MP5, if you can find one, buy it: its shooting hot, but still it gets better range and accuracy than the last M4 I had! It is often said that you need to change the motor, but I have found the ROF with a Firefox 8,4V battery to be very acceptable.



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any idea when that 416 is hitting the states?VFC hasn't even put info about their 416 on the homepage.


Sorry, no idea. I'm not really into the US market.


Does the VFC 416 has a two piece barrel or you had to get a short one for it?


Yes, just like on the AEG, you can unscrew the front portion of the barrel. Of course you need to shorten the innerbarrel as well.

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Yeah, I'm not too happy about it, it looks a bit naked :P

I got it second hand without the flash hider so I still need to find a replacement.

Stuck making a choice between a few of them though or a silencer.



Of course, the original MP7 PDW didn't have a flash excluder, it seems to have been added for the MP7A1.


They do look cool with a silencer fitted - but I don't have any because I can't holster them in my assault vest with a silencer in place. So I just stick to the standard flash excluder.


You ought to be able to pick up replacements without too much trouble. Get a silencer too, then you've got all the options covered. :)

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Got my HK416DX in the mail today :D




And now with the addition of de MBUS, tan LMT stock, tan TD rail covers and a magpul enhanced trigger guard:








I do realise I've got the rear MBUS the wrong way round, but this is now corrected :P


quepwik you still looking for a 416 battery stock? I'll be selling the hurricane one off mine.

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