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SIG Sauer P226 West German (Herndon-1989) (Marui/PAC Custom)                        

Here we go with a little family foto I took a few months ago All kinds of SIGs: Left to right, top to bottom: Western Arms GSR VFC P320-M17 KSC P2022 Inokats

Oh right, SIG picture thread, so this can go here : GHK SIG 553 GBB:

Posted Images

My Sig 556. Converted with the GWS kit from a Marui 552 and painted with DuraCoat in Magpul Flat Dark Earth. The optic is a 4x32 ACOG replica, none of that FAKEOG reddot nonsense. Gearbox has a Systema overhaul with torque up gears, bore up cylinder, cylinder head, piston head, nozzle, piston, AR latch, spring guide, bearing bushings, and medium magnum motor. The hopup unit is Marui with a Madbull M4 length TB barrel. With that setup it's running a Madbull M120 spring that I think was mislabeled, it's shooting 450-455.

Anyway, here's the pictures.



Something you may have noticed in the second picture is the chopped front sight. The variant of the 556 I was trying to replicate lacks the hooded sight post that's present in the "classic" version. Just need to smooth it out and paint over it.


Also in my armory is the Sig 556 CQB. Same setup except it's 330 fps and has a shorter barrel. I kept the original TM front assembly and left the diopter sights on there for a good 1 point sling mount.




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Some beautiful guns in here, not so much a fan of the American Sig range though, I'm almost tempted to unpack mine (while it's still mine) from it's box and get some shots of it. lol, this is the problem with the SIG, I wanted a G36 for my first AEG and every time I went to the local airsoft shop I got distracted with a TM 552 with HurricanE body they had on the wall... after the fourth visit and spending yet another 10 minutes fondling it and feeling the reassuring weight I bit the BB and forked out for it. Now I'm broken hearted at having to sell it, but there is another gun I want and I'm poor, so it's one in, one out at the minute.... Although I figure if I can sell enough of my old style SIG low cap mags to pay for the other gun - I might get to keep my beautiful SIG.


I love the reaction the 552 gets at sites, had plenty of marshalls wandering over to have a shufty, especially when the Quad RAS is on and it's in it's full metal glory - love the trigger response on the basic unit too, had plenty of Marshalls ask if I have two round burst installed, lol.


Okay, now I'm talking myself out of selling it... I'm trying to shift everything onto the G3 platform, trouble is I can see myself wanting to get the full 55X platform too... and my other half has already said she can see me getting a SIG automatic, the amount of time I spend playing with them in shops. :blush:




All the SIG mount rails I've seen have been like the TM one SquadSniper has above, or like the HurricanE one on mine (below). I don't think it's actually possible to get any lower I'm afraid.


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As ever the best answers come from the real steel site and a bit of research ;)




Options include an adjustable drum dioptre sight or Picatinny rail receiver with adjustable auxiliary iron sights.


While there is indeed a real steel low profile mount, as seen on the upper model it's part of the receiver, as all of the 55X range in airsoft come with the Dioptre Sight Receiver, I believe your only choice would be to custom build... or convert a real steel receiver ;)

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My KJW SIG (licensed) P229 Begadi custom.

I polished the chamber and some of the edges, as well as the barrel spring and the edges around the chamber guide to give it a used but I need do some more.






Nice gun! I'm going to buy a P229...


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Thanks for the info guys, I tested a G36 side rail in the holes removing the rear sight leave and it seems to work. Now i need to find a longer rail and drill a new hole in it. Ill post pics if it works...if it doesnt just pretend i was never here :D .


There is also this: http://www.dentrinityshop.com/pr_details.jsp?pid=5484 which I think is lower.



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After looking at all the fine, fine examples of p226 with PGC kits. Ive convinced myself i have to have one.


Few questions, whats the fit like. I know there is the modification to the slide lock required, but is there other mods that have to be done on all the kits or is it just file it to fit?


Thanks in advance.



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comes with a cd that shows where to file, has verbal instructions but not in english, but the pics are good enough, fairly easy to do, alot of it is common sense as you can feel where the friction is, just take it slowly and file a little bit at a time





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