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SIG Sauer P226 West German (Herndon-1989) (Marui/PAC Custom)                        

Here we go with a little family foto I took a few months ago All kinds of SIGs: Left to right, top to bottom: Western Arms GSR VFC P320-M17 KSC P2022 Inokats

Oh right, SIG picture thread, so this can go here : GHK SIG 553 GBB:

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I know I am probably going to get flamed for this but, Whats the best 226 out on the market, and I have a bunch of kit to pick up so Not too expensive.


Define expensive? KSC S7 P226 http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/pistols-gbb-smg...gbb-pistol.html

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MOSFET in the RAS is already covered up with black shrink wrap. I guess I got to do a better job and color all the red connectors and wires black. Good call which is an easy fix.

Yes 1 or 2 front sights. Removal of the stock front sight is a pain I need to go down to the local shop to get the smallest allen key ever made to take it off.

Those are green label mags that's why they are shiny. I have a couple PTS mags but i was too lazy to dig. I'm getting old and losing my touch.

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Finally! I picked up some real steel Hogue grips for the P228/229 for cheap. My dremel finally arrived today and I've fitted them onto my P229. The only slight complaint I have is that the grips were meant for the non-railed 228/229 lower frame, while mine is the railed lower frame P229 so there is a tiny bit at the back where the grip doesn't match the shape of the frame. However I'm pleased with this simple mod, it really makes the gun look great and better to hold.



Here I've laid out the real steel Hogue grips on the left and the stock KJW plastic grips on the right. One of the Hogue grips, you notice, has already been partially worked on.





A test fitting of the left side grip which I've more or less finished working on.





Dremelling the right side grip now.





Test fit after major work on both sides has been done. There was a significant gap so I removed them and pinpointed areas which were not fitting well, then dremelled them out slightly to improve the fit.





The final finished product.






Hope you like it :)

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Hello, how fat is the sig p229's grip. From pictures it looks really wide. Can you compare it to a 1911?



The 229 grip is wider and more curved in the than hand than the 1911, which I found just a bit to wide for comfort compared to my KJW P226R which by the grip feels a little smaller and sits nicer in the hand.


I love my P226 and 1911 but the P229 just did not feel right, my wife on the other hand loves the P229 in the summer heat but reverts to my old Hi Capa 4.3 in the winter.



Punky well done on the grips you did a grand job ;)






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Thanks Rich :)


Kungfuchopsticks: As was mentioned, the P229's grips are wider, although I find that the gun sits more comfortably in my hand than my USP .45. I find there is little difference between the P226's grips and the P229's grips, so maybe the reason it doesnt feel right in Rich's hands is because the P229's grips are straight at the bottom, while the P226's has a outward curve.

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