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Pictures of your OD gear

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Some kit updates. I found an unmarked EAGLE SAS dropleg/belt pouch on eBay for $12 shipped. I took a chance and bid on it, but the problem was that it's missing the leg straps. The other problem is that the Warlord doesn't easily accept a non-MOLLE style belt.


I had some spare paracord, duct tape, and webbing/fastex lying around, so here's what's up:


Step one - add some paracord and wrap it in ducttape so that the belt hanger has a place to hang off of.



Step two - use leftover black 1.5" webbing with leftover 1.25" fastex buckles. HAH. It works though.



Also rigged up a custom one-point hang sling on my Warlord. It'll easily support my M4 or AK.

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Tr00 Delta style!! :P




It is not 100% accurate.. the waterbattle is wrong (I have the "real deal") and i have fixed it a little bit..


Edit, i just saw that it is the right waterbottle.... not the "nato-style" one in the middle buth the plastic thingy on the side.

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thats a pretty nice FSBE, is the build as good as the other Bulle stuff? ive been thinking of getting one 'cause my pantac CIRAS is a bit too big for me. what do they adjust like? also, what backpack it that? ive been looking for one but cant seem to find anything similar, does it attach by molle?

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The build of the Bulle FSBE is.. solid, to say the least and certainly on par with the other Bulle gear I've owned. I'm 5'8 with approximately a 38" chest and it fitted me fine although I don't know how much smaller it would go. My only real issue was, when loaded up, it was a pain to reach the clips on the sides to do it up on your own. Yay the buddy system!


The backpack is a Phantom (well Pantac now) MAP which is a copy of the Eagle MAP.. and yes, it attaches to the FSBE by MOLLE although some versions also come with shoulder straps that can be hidden or removed if you don't need them. Alternatively you might want to consider the Warrior Cargo Pack over at uktactical, and the fact that Warrior's OD and Bulle's OD is almost identical is a big plus :)

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nice one cheers for the info. yea im about 5'8 too so it should fit alright. my Pantac ciras is a PITA to get the sides fitted right so i have to resort to the buddy system too lol. ive only ever owned Bulle BDU's but my friend has the Bulle CIRAS and it seems to be pretty good quality. i just wondered if it was all good as proud are pretty good from what ive heard but their small plate carrier HPC is aparently poor in quality.

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I think build wise, Proud's gear is okay (I've only ever owned one item made by Proud of course, so I can't say for certain) and I was actually looking at the Proud HPC myself. What puts me off is the fact that Proud's colours are horrible.


Their OD is more like a smoke or ranger green (it's a darker grey/green compared to Bulle / Warrior / Pantac's OD.. actually, it looks a lot like Blackhawk's OD. See the Naglene pouch on the first picture of my FSBE to see what I mean) and that's the reason I sold my Proud MAP. Their Coyote Brown often looks like Coyote Pink or Coyote Purple which is why I decided not to get their HPC.

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the OD suit is really a BE-X Suit, but it blends different in different lights. Strange thing though. Was meant as a paramilitary / heavy pmc outfit.

I work on working p90 pouches already, if you follow my threads, you´ll see, that I struggle with the same problem :)



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I tightened up my vest, and thats pretty much it. I added an Ak into the mix that I should be playing with a bit more than the M16, but don't know what to do to make it look more terrorist. Nothing really though, I dont like things blocking my nose/mouth, and I love the helmet. Feedback is good though! Thanks.

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