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Shotgun Picture Thread

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Wastelander- a gas-operated, semi-auto APS shell shotgun feeding from Saiga magazines, and with interchangeable barrel length. Full build log here.      

Couldn't be happier right now.

Build log is over in Project Suggestions if anyone's interested.  

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Semi on topic I suppose?


APS released some plastic shell covers as an alternative to their original cardboard circles. These are very nicely made, perfect material and color match, nice tight fit and look really cool :D

If nothing else I would recommend these for display purposes.

Not sure how they might impact performance and trajectory as the fit is pretty tight :o


My favorite one is the white/translucent one for display because if you load them with different things you can sort of see through the body and cap.





Left to right: 4.5mm chrome metal pellets (birdshot, BB), 6mm white plastic BBs (buckshot, #4), 0.68" blue foam paintballs (slugs)




Need to get me some 8mm BBs for that double-ought buckshot look (#00)  :D

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Golden Eagle M870 Tactical in Tan. This spent 40 days in UK customs and I got it earlier this week. Initial impression is that it's well made and it can handle Guarder black gas. It comes with 3 shells which work well although the labels will fall off shortly.


Gas tank seems well made and I have a slight leak if I push down on the stock but I think this will be cured by tightening the screws in the stock. The only thing I have added is a TM shell holder. The paint will chip and flake off quite easily I think but as a working gas shotgun it's very good. I have a few TM M870's and I think this is a good cheaper option for anyone on a budget.



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Anyone else disappointed? I know your not gonna cut it in half but you could have at least badly photoshoped it into the hands of the hero on a classic early 80's action movie cover, make it a crude wooden presentation case coloured in with crayons. Or give it an alternative snappy name to jazz it up a bit. 

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I post my imgur pics on here like this: 


1. Log in to your imgur account.

2. Click on your name in the top right corner.

3. Click on images.

4. Click on the image you want to share.

5. Copy and paste the Direct Link URL using the "Image" link forum icon (looks like a pittle picture frame with a green image in it in this forum editing toolbar :P )


Ever since Google Photos/Picasa removed the ability to direct link images to forums I looked around for a new host and found imgur to be pretty damn good. I almost only use it for sharing to forum posts so direct link ability is a must!







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I do apologize for the double post of these pictures but I really was not happy with my original RAW editing.


I just redid the edits and these are much more true to life and better balanced.


It's my OCD that is making me :(

Look the same to me matey ! Lol


PS. Typewriter I have to say mate , I miss your builds from years ago , they were so entertaining !

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messing around with the Golden Eagle M870.

Parts, M870 Tan, G&P Long tan top rail, Golden Eagle gas stock tube, PTS grip, magazine extender and ACM tan stock. Probably going to swap the G&P for a more compatible one and add a lightweight buttstock to the gas tube.



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