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Can I have a Green Card? Please?

I've got all the gear a man needs, a damn fine suit, waistcoat and tie xDDD -  

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My Marine in Afghanistan loadout:

The gear:


1st Line:

Tactical Assault Gear Padded Belt, Maxpedition Mega Rollie Polly dump pouch, Serpa Drop Leg Holster (M9), Replica M9 Bayonet


2nd Line:

Eagle Rhodesian Recon Vest,Tactical Assault Gear Admin Panel, ICOM HM46L Remote Speaker Microphone, Eagle Rhodesian Rear Plate Carrier, Blackhawk HydraStorm Carrier w/100 oz CamelPak Bladder, Diamondback Tactical Fast Attack Rack w/ LTA-3A Armor, Specter Gear MOLLE / PALS Compatible Single Modular Magazine Pouch (X2), Omega Pacific ISO Cold Forged "D" Carabineers (X2), ICOM F21 GMRS/FRS Radio, Maxpedition Radio Pouch, SPEC-OPS Brand X-3 magazine pouches (X4), Tactical Assault Gear Vertical General Purpose Utility Pouch, and SAPI Plates.



Marine light weight helmet, improved helmet harness, Steamlight helmet light, and NVG Mount



Oakley Monster Dog Sunglasses

Wiley X TAG-1 gloves with injection molded knuckles



5.11 HRT Desert Digital boots






Right side:




Left side:









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I'm no expert on Marine gear, but it looks pretty cool. Are 14 mags needed though?

Doesn't seem very accurate to the loadout, and a bit overkill, pun intended. Perhaps you actually do use that many mags though.


- Zepher


I have spent almost 12 years in the Marine Corps (I get out on February 2010) and I know my impression is not 100% correct. Here are the glowing errors in my impression:


-Boots should be Bates not 5.11

-Pistol should be all black, no silver barrel

-Not carrying enough pistol mags (only have 2)

-NVG mount should be screwed into the helmet vice strapped down

-Helmet does not have clothe cover, it should have the Desert MARPAT helmet cover

-Do not have any IR patches

-Do not have an IR strobe mounted to the helmet

-No dust goggles attached to the helmet


As for my magazine count, this is my real issue vest from 5 years ago before the Marine Corps made it mandatory for us to use what they issued to us. In other words, I would really carry 15 magazines; 14 in the vest and one in the rifle.


Regarding airsoft, yes, I actually use 15 mags as well. The airsoft games I play are all day games, roughly 8 hours straight with no breaks. So, instead of having to go to the staging area to reload, I just keep playing. I am more use to my team in the field instead of the staging area reloading.

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Now that looks very interesting, Hunk.... I checked a few Sites, looks like it comes in two different sizes... hwat is yours? Do you have a picture on-person?


This could be my next purchase - has MOLLE Panel for mounting a MAP, padded shoulders and waistband, and reasonably enough MOLLE Space....where do I pay :P


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Well, it's not my entire winter gear. There's a first line, helmet, more comms and at times a backpack as well.

This will, however give you an idea of the winter-specific aspects of it.





The jacket looks squeaky-clean as it hasn't been fielded yet. Pants have been used one time.




- Norwegian issue winter camo pants

- Norwegian issue winter camo jacket w/ ghillie mod


- G36KV3 w/ AG36 GL

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That looks real slick man, I'm really digin your kit. Nothing but the stuff you need.




One NEEDS tourniquets, fake frags and fake radios? :P


What's with the two medic pouches? I'd suggest adding some sort of hydration. Either a carrier or replacing on of the two medic pouches,

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Luis - Thanks Man, I'm Waiting for a Serpa just like the one holding my sig to hold my 1911. It was a great last second buy


Hunk - The Front Pouch Holds My Motorola, Quick Tools, Electric. Tape, And Such. The Rear WC Pouch Does Hold Small Medical Supplies, Batteries, Zip Ties And Such. Stuff That Doesn't need to be quickly accessed but is on my person. As Far as hydro Goes There is a pack on the ground behind my left leg that has my hydro bladder it in. The kit is all personal choice, I like it and suits me well for once. lol, Hunk It will never stand up to any of your kick *albatross* vests you have man!! Isnt there a quota that you have to have at least 5 pieces of flare on you kit?!?!?!

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Not quite sure if I've posted this on these forums...


Norwegian Navy EOD


Dude you easily have some the best load outs on arnies.


Winter Loadout : (85% Complete)




Need :


VIP Instead Of Inova

Riggers Belt Instead Of BDU Belt

Ei Khaki Belt (Dump, Serpa, Light, Etc...)


Looks great dude, just right once you get the belt. And have you lost more weight dude? It sure looks like it ! good job! You just need to make a magpul m4 to go with that stuff.

Edited by reaper16
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