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Pics of your Gear

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Can I have a Green Card? Please?

I've got all the gear a man needs, a damn fine suit, waistcoat and tie xDDD -  

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Nice rigs Roob. I love them all. Is the end rig an Eagle All-MOLLE chest rig?


Anyway, I've completed my MAV for now. The only changes I would make is perhaps ditching the ATS .308 shingle for 2 Paraclete double .308 pouches.




God, my FAK looks to clean.....

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Shiny, will make more than a few jealous :D


Well that's the entire idea now, isn't it? :P


Looking forward to the completed loadout Pkekyo :)




You and me both, will hopefully get some photos this Sunday.

The kit is absolutely brilliant, can't wait to put it to good use!

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JSDF impression is cool, dont see that very often.


Bunny, Yes it is all-Molle Eagle Universal with IFAK, 4 single mag pouches, Blackhawk largeGP pouch.


I kep one of these in the IFAK:



best skirmishing rig I own.

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Pretty much how I run atm (without the cargo pack). PACA + WAS DAR rig + multicam + old 'n grumpy MP5. The only thing on my list now are just a few things for convenience: radio pouch, dump pouch and finally a friggin replacement for that mp5. (chronoed 280 at the start, 220 in the field and has a free will concerning accuracy ... )

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Finally got some pics of the completed OD/Multicam set up, now working on getting some tan Warrior gear as an alternative. Still need to get HeroShark custom half face mask though... Anyways, geardoism!









CRYE Combat Pants (Multicam) w/ Gen3 Knee Pads

CRYE Field Shirt (Multicam)

2x Templar Subdued Union Jacks, IR Blood Type Patches.

British Issue Moisture-Wicking T-Shirt

Blackhawk! Riggers Belt (Black)

UZI Protector Watch (Rubber Strap)

Oakley S.I. Assault Gloves (Tan)

Miendle Desert Fox Boots (Tan)


King Arms Replica PACA (Tan)

Warrior 901 w/ Centurion Back Panel (OD)

- 6x 5.56mm Open Mag Pouches

- Smoke Pouch w/ Mk.18 style Gas Charger

- Small Vertical Pouch

- Large Admin Panel w/ Name Strip

- Double Pistol Mag Pouch

- Hydration Carrier w/ CamelBak Storm 3ltr & MilSpec Monkey patch

- Universal Radio Pouch

Warrior Duty Belt (OD)

Blackhawk! Serpa (1911/Black)

Warrior Non-Slip Drop Leg Dump Pouch (OD)

* Watchmen & Ramones Pin Badges, Cyalumes (Red & IR), Electrical tape.




ICS M4a1

TM MEU/HurricanE Kimber Covert II


* Face blanked out because I blinked on all the photos that turned out best...

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Sorry for the not so tactical Bakground.


WO T02 Operator/Sharpshooter CIO-SCAT* (WIP)






Kitlist Rigg:

Bulle Recon Chest Harness

Bulle Velcro Admin pouch

Bulle Silencer/MP5 mag pouch

Bulle M4 Quad Magpouch

Bulle TRS Dubble Magpouch

Bulle Dubble Pistolmag pouch

MS2 Sling (ACM)


Kittlist Firtsline:

304k Bälte

Bladetech Holster for glock 17 with M3X/M6X lampa

Bulle Foldable Dumppouch



Meister Glock 17

Dboys SPR


Bonus Picture


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The tripod I use for my camera died off last week, and almost bloody well took my camera with it in death.

I figured I should somehow make the piece of *suitcase* useful again, and ended up with this:




Now I just need a boltie and a comfortable chair to go with it.

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