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Pictures of your Plate Carriers

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After an embarassing amount of money, and nearly eight months scouring the earth, I've finally completed my project :)


Eagle Industries RRS-V w/Rear Plate Carrier





Everything but the PACA, Rear Plate Carrier and PRR pouch is Eagle or Allied Industries RLCS...


That looks great, and i doubly appreciate because of the time it took to find the pieces to it.

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My AWS OCPC is above (but I got some new pics of it so I'll post them up anyways), that is now loaded up with my level IV plates and used more for real life/work stuff. I recently acquired a Flyye 609

A homebrew mod, I was trying to get proper tubes from a Scandinavian supplier but these started appearing on ebay. Nowadays you can buy FMA/TMC cummerbund with them fitted. I did a little write up

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Took me six months to finally get a CIRAS setup I am both comfortable using and functions efficiently. All the pouches are Pantac except for the Blackhawk M60 pouch and the Condor open M4 pouch.







And me in the whole thing, not my camera or picture.


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Absolutely *tons* of stuff on the way, but I though I might show off this, as it's pretty much as-I-intended :)


EDIT: I think my next purchases should be some new carpet for my mum!

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put this up in the gear thread but meant to put it here since its not reely a full loadout.

like i said there its a wip and still needs some essential small things.

Do I spy FAMAS mag?


Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone knows if the cummerbund is removable on the Paraclete HPC?




The standard HPC does not have a cummerbund, you can just get that. The SOHPC includes a C-bund, but I doubt it wouldn't be removeable.

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What type of rig is that?


It's a Warrior RICAS. Here's another shot:




I've got a hydration bladder on the way as well. *Was* going to be part of a MC loadout, but I'm now in a hustle with PayPal over the goods, so will be a PMC thing - pics inbound B)

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The UK Army issues you BHI?

Well... maybe not him specifically, but that DDPM PC is/was issued by the MoD.


It's a Warrior RICAS. Here's another shot:



Are the pouches WAS doc?


Nice RICAS, ive yet to actually see an MC one being used as of yet. though, most people i skirmish with have some form of WAS rig, bombproof and cool !!

And bloody cheap as well don't forget (considering what you're getting with Warrior).

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