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Pictures of your Plate Carriers

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Took a while to get around to picking up the hydro carriers, but the Strandhoggs are G2G now.












The small was my original from the initial batch FS released to us muggles, the medium came up for a steal so I kinda had to swipe it.  Still not 100% on pouches and setups because at the moment they're basically doing the same thing but they've primarily been acting as test beds for different 6/12 stuff and a variety of the newer designs of pouch that have cropped up in the last year or two.  No doubt one will end up changing over to AK usage or something like that.

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FirstSpears' own mini admin.  It's pretty spartan, wouldn't recommend if you're carrying lots of pens and other little bits, but as a place to stash my car key safely during skirmishes, as well as the end of my hydro tube and to add some velcro on the chest, it works a treat.  No protruding bulk to get in the way of mag extraction as you'd get with a lot of admins.

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Traded the FAPC for an oldschool CSOR-correct LBT 6094A. This has allowed me to run everything but the holster on my rig. It's a little busy, and come pay day I'll probably be swapping out the dump pouch for something belt mounted, but it works!

LBT 6094A with J-Tac Custom foam dummy plates.
Tactical Tailor admin pouch.
Tactical Assault Gear 6x M4 Shingle.
Paraclete CAN MBITR radio pouch.
Paraclete CAN frag pouch X2.
Paraclete CAN triple 9mm pouch.
Paraclete CAN small GP pouch as IFAK.
WAS dump pouch.
CPgear molle mounted sling (will probably switch to a padded VTAC in the near future).
Otto/Thales mic modified for motorola.
Spartan MBITR shell.
Devil's Brigade patch.

Maple Leaf Tactical IR patch from Patch-Craft.
CAT and carabeener.
Still a WIP, waiting on a blackhawk Hydro, better bang pouches that'll fit the BFGs, but otherwise it's almost done.







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Final iteration of the old DCS.  Basically didn't want to mess about with the configs on my Strandhoggs so this thing got used to test out a few different bits n' pieces.






If you own a PC that can accept the FirstSpear cummerbund I'd very strongly recommend it.  The only downside I can see would be for those who want stuff directly either side of the front plate (be it pouches or radios inside the cummerbund), but in every other respect it's the best upgrade you can get.

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So after a year or so of trying to make a SEAL kit. I gave up. I was never pleased with it so I sold off my 6094. Getting the Strandhogg would be my 8th PC purchase. OPTAC was having a sale so I bit the bullet, sold my 6094 and got a Strandhogg. After getting it, I was so pleased, words can not describe it. My sternum sticks out, so most PCs force my chest to compress like a tactical pain in the chest. But not the Strandhogg, it fit the groove perfectly. I'm actually wearing it right now while I'm making this post is so silly comfy. I just got the last part of the PC setup which is the Platatac Bullock MkII. Don't mind the disconnected comm wires. I've been taking it off and putting it on like crazy and I'd rather not break a comm wire...


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Scored a genuine CSOR-correct old style Coyote Tan LBT 9039A MAP (Modular assault pack) from Legit Kit. Accessorised it with 3x ASP trifold restraints, and 2x LBT old style coyote tan smoke grenade pouches.

Patches are an Airsoft Machine Shop IR Maple leaf and a Gear Whores Anonymous 'Bro do you even operate' patch. (I don't operate. It's a tongue in cheek patch).

I'm literally just waiting on two 2xM4 paraclete mag pouches for the front before the 100% CSOR-correct 6094A is done.




'anada flag on the right, with Paraclete small GP acting as an IFAK, and Paraclete NVG pouch. 



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