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AK & Variants Picture Thread

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Empty Chambers, check the inside of your receiver where the the rear trunnion is attached for your folding stock and see is there is any room. More than likely you'll need to take the mechanism out and show pictures, if you could do that we could tell better. I have not seen anyone take of the stock to be completely sure.

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Why trade the stock for a real one? it's steel either way. Besides the stock will almost cost as much as the cyma...


because he likes a bit of extra realism, like GRIM? an AIMS stock shouldnt set him back much anyway


you shouldnt have any serious trouble fitting a RS stock, might need a bit of modding but i doubt anything major. GRIM would be the best person to ask (although his is an inok)

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i thought some of you guys might be interested with this


i held a CA SVD today, took the topcover off & the gearbox looks like a TM m14 gearbox


anyway here's the pics i took


Manual, would confirm that the GB loks like the TM m14



sturdy looking hop-chamber



a GB pic


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review please

Look in general discussion.


Took the gearbox apart today. 7mm bearings with plastic ball bearing spring guide, and a blue polycarb piston head (doesn't look special, just noting it because I've never seen a blue one in a china gun)....other than that everything is just a normal Dboys gearbox...

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Delicious atrocity. I'm considering putting a CAW BG15 (rail mount version) onto it. Thoughts on that? :P



And here's my recently sold Cm031b. This one was taken with my digital camera, so the picture's much better than the other one. I'm no artist, but I'm trying to learn how to play with a camera for some good looking pictures.

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