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G36 Picture Thread

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Thats the only way a G36 should look.




Believe it or not - this AEG started out life as a KSK, but one thing lead to another, & it ultimately became this beauty!


PS: I would have liked to upgrade to a proper Ares Dual Optic Carry Handle - but my ACM Red Dot & Laser unit worked well...enough...

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Alrighty! for those that were wondering, some comparison pictures of the RS PMAG and a WE G39 mag:








As you can kinda tell from the pictures, the WE mag is a bit wider than the PMAG. This is especially visible from the tob as the inner gas workings would be an extremely tight fit, if they would fit at all. The PMAG has some ribs on the inside that run the length of the mag so it would take ALOT of sanding/dremeling/etc to open up the PMAG. You would probably end up making the PMAG like paper thin to get the WE internals to fit...


Also the mag catch is not quite in the same place as the WE mag but I think that could be adjusted. The PMAG itself is too fat to fit properly in the WE's magwell but again, that could be fixed.


One of the other major problems is how to secure the internals to the PMAG and though it probably can be done, I was not crazy about any of the ideas I could see that would work.




So... anyone wanna buy a RS G36 PMAG? :P

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