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AR15 Picture Thread

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Not a great pic but I finally got in all my parts for my KJW... I already had a tan AFG lying around so I didn't feel the need to get an OD one ATM.




The ACM Troy rail was easy to install but if you want to have a gas tube and gas block you need to file down one of the points on the barrel nut.

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To be fair it looks more like rust than any attempt at DE/FDE/TAN. It is however the same colour (and possibly exactly the same RIS) as VFC used on their MK18 GBB. That the was the reference for the conversion. Also it was nigh impossible to get hold hold the G&P Type B MK18 Body, which was also quite boring so I though I would treat myself. It could have been worst as I was thinking of getting the Zombie Killer body!


The most important question remains. Crane stock or Vltor stock????

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