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Airsofters and cats

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Lets see:

2 Cats

1 Dog (Minature Daschund)

10 fish in 450 Gallon tank next to me

10+ fish in Moms 37 gallon brackish tank

9 fish in 29 gallon tank in my bedroom

15 fish in moms 55 gallon tank inliving room

9 fish (+ 1 shrimp) in 72 gallon saltwater tank in living room

2 frogs and 1 fish in 1 gallon tank in living room

2 Adult Bearded dragons

25 baby bearded dragons

1 Plated Lizard

2 Gerbils

7 lizards in terrarium in living room

2 corn snakes

1 leopard gecko

1 red eye tree frog

1 fire skink

1 dwarf sand gecko


Total: 101


Having more pets than anyone here(I think): Priceless

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I have a cat, and a dog. I used to have three cats, but the other two died within two weeks of each other.


Last time I checked, you need a cat to make lolcat pictures.


And last time I checked, the Norwegian Forest cat is the official mascot of the Navy SEALs, so cats are more tactical.

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