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Pics Of Your Gear.

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Fellowz, I think you should get a PACA to go under that Chassis. It would make it look better and be more realistic.

No it wouldnt, the Crye plates are rated for SAPI + API protection, there is no need for a PACA, with regards to realism.

You need to get the shoulders replaced or cut them yourself, it was designed for a bigger person. Or you can work out those pecs.

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I'm going to go out on a limb and say the "armor" pouch on the back of your CP chassis is "mounted wrong". I recall that CP chassis work in conjunction with a Battle belt and the battle back has an extension that covers the lower back. Should look like this, other than that I'm making an educated guess.


ive adjusted the shoulder straps as high as they will go there is nothing else i can do to raise the back
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that gun just needs a little bit of mud since in the forces most people swap gun parts and so on so very realistic

your gear just looks to pretine


Cheers for the comments guys.


Hav'nt used any of it yet so its all pretty much pristine at the moment.


When I do evently get around to using it i'll go rolling in the mud for a while then =D


Regarding the m4 I havnt decided weather to paint it all yet but if I do i'll need to source some krylon first.

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