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Armalite Picture Thread

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Man, this thing was a pain in the *albatross* to put together. Either the upper or lower receiver was out of spec, but they didn't match. I still have to file off the body pins a bit, in order for them to fit. Got a rs magpul ctr and xtm rails for it underway.

So what do you say, should I post the last pic in the ak thread? Just to give those guys a heart attack? :P





Nice rifle but for the love of all things holy please burn those ak style mags.

If you want to use AK mags in an AR-15 style gun you cant go wrong with one of these


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looks nice mate ! i dunno why i just really like the looks of it ! haha


dose it get in the way ?


Not at all. It actually conforms to the SIR's grooves.

Thats part of the reason I left it on. That and I dont use it so weights not an issue.

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@ splinter saber:

that light mount looks tits! what is it?


@ vercingetorix:

ebaybanned ;)


@ eins_fox: Very Hot!

kinda reminds me of Venom's old blaster

Really?! How is the optic itself? Pics of the other side? I wants one now :(....... I want a real USMC RCO ACOG with LaRue tactical mount, but that'll have to wait a bit.....

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those SR47 kits hard to fit?


i quite fancy one myself.

I think redwolf might still have some. I got mine seccond hand form a freind as just the reciver and gearbox tho.

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would change the forend on it tho, not a fan of the one given.


a LeRue forend is in order methinks.


once i get my licence thats the first thing im going to do


build an SR47.


or i might just get an AK and save me the hassle.






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