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Only upgrades so far are a PSG1 6.03 barrel. I got high-speed gear/piston set and metal hopup-unit on their way and have a silent piston head and tight air nozzle waiting to be installed.


The M203 launcher is temporary, it'll be replaced by a Glock18 soon...yup a Glock 18 :P Also I'm looking at building a custom double-barrelled system for the 27mm Cartridge for PEQ-2 (Mosquito Molds) thing. It's planned that the double barrelled 27mm launcher will be electronically fired.


In the works already: is the ammo-counter system, this will have a system to recognise the magazine and how many rounds it should hold, it will then display this on the counter and count down when a shot is actually fired.

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cheers for the comments :)


the scope is this one with this one for CQB stuck on top.


Yeah that M203 grenade launcher doesn't quite work, it'd look better with the long version. Still it feels great to hold and it'll do for now :D


I'm hoping (strongly hoping) that I can get the Glock nicely mounted in such a way that it's possible to have a bipod mounted in front of it - this will mean replacing the bottom rail with the longer one. We'll see :)

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Got tired of my Phantom kit...so...









TOP M60 bipod, custom extended HBAR barrel, 550mm 6.03mm barrel, shortened gas tube (to make room for the bipod without making the barrel even longer). Thinking about an ELCAN for it, and some other flash hider.

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