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2011 Picture Thread

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Nova kits

My first ever 2011, Nova kit

Zombie member post...Nova Staccato XC RMR kit Never mind the mismatched branding grip....there was a dead gun that donated its parts to it....see build thread in the tech section lol

Posted Images

Limcat Wildcat Perfect Sight.


Inspiration picture (real steel):





My build:
















This was a labor of love, built without a donor gun. (Never again!) Build list follows:


Prog4 slide

Prog4 frame

Prog4 outer barrel

TM inner barrel

Prog4 recoil plug

TM recoil spring guide

Guarder recoil spring

TM hop-up unit and bucking

Airsoft Surgeon BBU (red piston)

Airsoft Surgeon loading nozzle

Guarder valve blocker

Action aluminum rocket valve

MAG rocket valve spring

MAG tiny nozzle screw

Prog4 front sight

Airsoft Global rear sight

Lowe’s frame to grip screw

Prog4 hammer sear

Prog4 valve knocker

Prog4 valve knocker spring

Prog4 valve knocker disconnector

Prog4 valve knocker disconnector spring

Prog4 disconnector

Prog4 disconnector pin

Prog4 hammer pin

Prog4 hammer

Prog4 hammer strut

Airsoft Surgeon 150% hammer spring

SA (SAPH) grip

TM grip screws

Nine Ball detent pins and spring

Prog4 magazine catch (includes catch lock and spring)

Prog4 trigger

Guarder trigger bow

Prog4 slide catch

Nova thumb safeties

Nova grip safety

WE sear spring

Prog4 magwell

Shooters Design magazine base

Copious sweat and tears

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let's add my collection of hi-capa to the collection of pictures.

from top to bottom:

-xtreme with 7"PDI 6.01 (it is still a work in progress but already shoot better than out of the box)

-4.3 kimber with internal upgrade

-5.1 custom match with slide whaler nine ball, all the other part are from stock

-7" freedom art with titrium sight and all the inside up graded

-5.1 SAS kit and 6" pdi 6.01


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i am going to japan end of april and i will probably buy one nine ball grip or the koda one.

where did you find your 7" slides? i have done all the EU ajnd Asia shops and could not find one.

i did bought 2 freedom art frames instead but i still have the 7" nine ball outter barrel without the right slide for my xtreme.

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