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Pics of your Gear

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Operation: Kitchen Paint Pot Extraction Force Part 7 Let The Decoration Commence


Gentex ACH + AERO Industries Inserts

ZTactical Sordin Headset

Replica ORC Industries PCU Level 5 Jacket

Bulle ACU Trousers

Blackhawk Hellstorm V2 Kneepads

Mechanix Woodland Gloves

LOWA Desert Elite

Flyye 3 Point Sling

Flyye RAV M4 Double Pouches

Flyye MBSS Hydration Backpack

Flyye SF Admin Panel

Flyye Large Radio Pouch

Flyye M60 Multi Purpose Pouch

Revision ACU Googles + Lens Bag

Black Riggers Belt

ESS Ice Glasses

5.11 Black Spare Gloves

Pantac RRV Vest

Pantac RRV/MBSS Back Panel

Pantac Utility Bumbag

Pantac Body Armour Vest







Uploaded with ImageShack.us





Uploaded with ImageShack.us




Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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How is that ztactical sordin headset? I haven't seen a review yet or any new info. Also, is that the ztactical u94? Finally what mbitr radio are you using there, or is it a replica?


Anyway, really nice loadout, I love the acu+pcu combo!

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Wingmann, I like that pattern a lot. It looks like the Danish M84, but a lot easier on the eye.

Thanks man :)

I think it's a beautiful pattern that works well in Autumn mostly, but it's useable during winter too. For the summer I've got a CADPAT set that I use with a LBE style vest.

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A bandoleer I made, the lower MOLLE square (on the right in the pic) is meant to ride just above the belt on your left side. All mil-spec (MIL-W-43668) CB webbing, ITW nexus hardware and 500d AOR2 Cordura. The whole bandoleer is padded with 4mm neoprene. There are still some blue chalk marks on it :unsure: Need to rub them out...



Admin: This is not a commercial post, sewing tactical gear is just a hobby, I do not have the intention to sell anything!

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Would be great to see this bandoleer worn.


here you go, but its not my whole loadout!







I quite like it, just the lowest pouch is not really a "fast drawer", would be good to put comms there (if I had some...). I'm also planing a flat admin pouch to put on the top square

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I'm selling off most of my gear these days, so I decided to get some last-ditch photos of the stuff before it goes on the auction block.


And yes, they're low-res and grainy, but I just think it adds to the atmosphere.









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Haven't posted on arnie's since forever so....



All a man really needs. Flora and PKM.



Flora, RD-54, VDV beret



Oh yes..



Got a bargain on two Polish mag pouches in Pantera.



KZS-1, 4 cell Chicom, RD-54




Although my sewing skills aren't that great, I made something for halloween this year. Meet our youngest comrade:


Edited by ComradeMP1

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Decided to chuck it all together for one last photo before I ship off all the stuff I've sold :)


In addition to this, I'd be running an ATS Lightfighter RAID Pack with loose linked ammo.






Also grabbed some last shots of my M07BA.




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