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Pics of your Gear

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Can I have a Green Card? Please?

I've got all the gear a man needs, a damn fine suit, waistcoat and tie xDDD -  

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Need a better picture (or I should stop using the camera on my mobile and just use a camera) but this represents most of my gear, to be worn over US Woodland and Tri-Colour. You can probably tell what sort of loadout it wants to be when it grows up:




EDIT: Oh, and if anyone has a 2 piece TT Mav + X Harness in Khaki for sale, or I guess a Bulle MLE, please let me know ;)

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Recently recieved and recently butchered LBV.


Kept the shoulder pads and lumbar panel, ditched the chest pieces. I cannibalized a set of LC2 H suspenders for the suspender webbing, and dropped on the pouches from my LC2 setup.


I'll be adding a second canteen and buttpack for the summer, once I start going to larger and longer games.

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Odd. Ive never heard or seen any real operator doing that...Do they? o_o Seems dumb to me even with the both eyes thing.


I had a AG36 on my old G36.It was way to front heavy for me. What do you think of it? I have a M16 with M203 and its TONS lighter.

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Haven't seen it, but have heard alot about it...

I've always been told I should aim with both eyes open, even though I'm RED, so that's what I'll do

ofcourse, if I were to close my left eye I would only see a red dot on a black background, but I'm not dumb enough to do that now, am I? ;)


Benefits are:

- No glare/flash

- No visible front dot

- No getting my optics shot out

- Hit point's the same as if I were to open the front cover...


can't really find any cons...


And I don't have any problems handling the weight of it, I've found it to be a somewhat balanced solution actually. It's a bit slow on the tilt, but not really noticable... other than that I've actually found it to be a decent tool to aid in the handling of the rifle :)

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Playing 'the bad guy' as part of an exercise next week, hence my first rebel/insurgent type load-out.




Will be using a real L85 on the day rather than the ICS of course. :P The great thing about all these kind of load-outs is you can use whatever you like and it's all dead cheap, takes so much less time and effort than putting together all the usual modern stuff.

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Playing 'the bad guy' for some of my fellow Lossie personnel next week, hence my first rebel/insurgent type load-out.


i assumed you bought that, as it all looks like its from flecktarn.


if you did.


can i borrow some of it :P


or can you inform me as to whether that chicom is alright, as i was thinking of getting one for warmer days

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Looks like an FNC, but don't take my word for it. I think King Arms makes some. Not sure if they make that specific model.


Close, but still a mile away ;)

The rifle on the picture is a Daewoo K1A, a Korean weapon. The front part of the gun resembles the FNC quite well, but the body does not. The fullstock version, Daewoo K2 has a stock that resembles an FNC/FAL fullstock.

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some pics of my stuff:

MOUT kit, brain bucket plus mk12mod1


Belt kit for jungle operations:


I'm getting a new knife as we speak-sog pup(old style sheath)


dsc1166.th.jpg -sabre with two chinese knock-offs



I also have one more barrel for regular m4-old style-plastic front grip and a carry handle

blades-nimravus-sold, in comes the SOG


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