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right got a cpl of ideas for my next couple of projects! Have been playing with the idea of a double barelled grenade launcher & also a more futuristic loor for a 6 shot launcher!


1st pic idea for twin barrell launcher!


2nd pic is the first thought for the 6 shot launcher & is probably easiest!


will post 3rd idea in the next post as not enough room on this one for the pics



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this is the 3rd idea & probably most difficult to do but is my favorite.


got i lot of ideas how to do the trigger systemfor the double barrelled launcher as i want to use a 2 trigger system like on a shotgun & im thinking im going to go full wooden stock on it aswell! kind of like on the second pic on this post!


feedback would be appreciated!




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build the pump-action one. now.


the world needs an airsoft version. in fact, build 2 and give one to me :D


not gonna be pump action just posted that to give an idea of the type of stock!


its gonna be a over under break barrell 40mm shotgun! lol


if it works & is cost efficient i may consider making a few to sell but i warn you they will probably be expensive as the woods i use are very VERY good & expensive woods as i make custom electric guitar bodies & will probably use exotic woods for the stocks as that is what i have!


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