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Something a bit different: WE M14 (with Ra-Tech trigger group) inside a realsteel TROY S.A.S.S. (Semi Automatic Sniper System) chassis. Very nice high-end chassis, CNC aluminum, the M14 needs a f

Hopefully this isn’t heresy, here’s my latest DMR build.  KJ Works KC02, gutted and refitted with Rogueworx internals. Stuck in a Samson B-TM stock and given a custom turned tapered outer barrel.

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Thanks!  In my opinion it looked much better with some paint: 




Unfortunately it's been sold, but a teammate bought it so I get to play with it occasionally.  It was sitting on my dining room table with a Mark 4 scope on M10 rings and Atlas bipod when he came over for a visit; he snatched it up immediately and hasn't changed a thing.  


I miss having a semi-fantasy DMR in the collection, so I've been sketching a modernized SVU.  

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Ebay IIRC, it's a Mission First Tactical Battlelink Utility Stock with a Battlelink Adjustable Cheek Piece (yikes).  MFT BUST with BACP for short.  


A cheek riser is pretty much a requirement for the M14ALCS/CV (Mk14 Mod 1) chassis.  

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Why did you have to mention the kit. It bothers me too! :(



Don't let it bother you...there's no shame in using a kit.


There's only a few us that are truly talented (i.e. renegadecow, aac, etc...) that are making unique pieces.  We're basically all using kits...we collect pre-made parts, real gun or otherwise, and assemble them together. Sure some parts are hard to get, sure real gun parts are often nicer looking (one could say that the GB-Tech Mod 0 Deluxe kit is a pretty nice and difficult kit to get), sure they require modifications to fit, but in the end it's all a collection of pre-made parts assembled into something that's generally been done before.

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Time for some updates on my DMR's progression.


as originally swapped




Pretty paracord wrapping on stock concealing major damage, scope was thoroughly fogged internally, and single hicap. 


nearly there,





As it is now







Now with clone Harris bipod and scope, Madbull Ultimate hop unit, rear wired to deans in the MC Crane stock,


Magpul PTS MOE grip, ACM ladder rail covers, and foam modded silencer, 4x LR20 PMAGs


Airseal and hop upgrades took the FPS from 375 to 420 with 0.2g,


Semi only of course and running happily on a 7.4v 2200mah lipo in the stock tube.



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The sniper rifle picture thread is in the "Sniping haven" section of "the game"



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