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Pictures of your Chest Rigs

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Felt bad for bringing people to have a go at Airsoft and having no tac gear to lend then so I whipped up a cheapo chest rig and way too pleased how it turned out. Viper VX buckle up rig - £28 Wynex

Jaeger and Tarzan rigs plus a Czech bag for more frags and whatnot.  

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The rig is really growing on me. When I first tried my friend's I wasn't too impressed. But the small size means it doesn't cover anything on my belt and it can readily integrate with my pack, and plate carrier when I pick up one. Really adaptable piece of gear. Huge selling point for me.

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I like them. I usually run my tabs off for loaded magazines and put the tabs over empty ones. But these snag on less while staying in position without tilting to whichever direction they fell like. A worthwhile upgrade, especially for the price.


The Tyr panel is actually just two sides of velcro and two plastic rings.



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How are you liking the Gen V there Eizen?

If you have ever handled anything that Mayflower makes you already know that it is top notch quality and very lightweight. I have been buying my chestrigs from Mayflower since gen III and every time they have come up with something useful. 


The Gen V is priced at 275 which is about 75-95$ more than the gen IV. What you get is a split-front rig with multiple magazine inserts and even a IFAK. So honestly not that bad price. The biggest selling point for me was the ability to run 7.62x39 for work, and of course AS.


They've also updated the integrated pouches, which are now bigger and give you more capacity. The both big utility pouches are designed to fit the IFAK or a radio/misc stuff like mags. 


All in all if you use multiple platforms, need a split-front rig - Go V, if not then go with the IV.

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