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1911 Picture Thread

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The Talon has a Guarder steel Nowlin type barrel. I removed the black finish and gave it a brushed stainless look. The bushing is a real one made by EGW. It's a set that comes with the recoil spring plug.

The Bureau Model has the same Guarder barrel setup. The bushing is a Nova. I can't recall which version.

The ICQB has a Shooters Design chamber and barrel with a Nova bushing as well. 

The Operator has a Guarder chamber with a Shooters Design bull barrel. I did both in armor black Cerakote.

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RWA Nighthawk steel 1911 with machined rs Heinie tritium sights, stainless threaded insert (to match this two tone oddness), grey Magpul grip panels!  

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I eventually got rid of the supplied Nova aluminium barrel that came with the Colt Combat Commander kit,

It wasn't designed very well as the barrel bushings ate into the chamber lugs, unless of course you  take a couple of millimetres off your barrel bushing.

I eventually got Nick Hulme @ Magic 9 to cut a Shooters Design 5" stainless-steel barrel down to size, and matched it up with a Colt 45 Auto SD barrel chamber. 

I just took a few quick shots, but had to use the flash, so any reflection you see off the barrel or chamber is from a light layer of silicon oil being reflected.













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This INO 'Series 70' has been in the pipeline since 2010, the original plan was for the GM, Series 70 Stainless then Blued.

It looks like Redwolf and CRW are putting out teasers for a Stainless Steel version, as far as I know it's harder to get the blued-finish correct on the steel version, and this is probably what most people would be interested in.

I think before parting with money you'd have to see some decent HD footage, if you pause the CRW video you'll notice the MSH fit looks similar to their previous release which was a bit sloppy, but it could be an advanced prototype which would explain the wear under the BBU.

Either way a true blued steel 'Series 70' if done correctly would be awesome, but INOs previous release left a lot of people disappointed.

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Hey Guys, I need help badly!! I am looking for kimber double diamond rubber grips online (the ones that come with the custom ii) with no joy at all. I have emailed kimber to see if they could ship to Ireland but they won't reply. I need these grips to finish off a project and its driving me crazy, is there any kind Americans out there that will order a pair for me from kimbers online shop, I will pay you by paypal and sort you out with a some dollars for your trouble. please help me!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yo Squad

If you could that would be much appreciated, I will send you loads of nova/marui 1911 bits and bobs as a reward as well as the money to buy the grips (obviously). Sorry to be a pain but you know what its like the have an obsession. It's driving me nuts, let me know if you have any luck and I'll pay pal some funds your way.

Thanks a million squad, your a melt down saviour.

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Anyone know where I could get some Colt M45a1 Grips?

Hey Big Al,


The best you could do is try these VZ Grips, there are options for thumb-notch or super-scoop.

There are some variations in detail, they could be brighter or even identical.

Remember the Colt version comes with FDE coloured flat-head screws, so if you want to imitate that you may need bushings supplied just in case.



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Colouration on them is differant probably the closest i'll get though.

Like I mentioned and they state on the website there is variation in colour, when I got my VZ Grips for a Costa Build I made, the pair I received were exactly what I was hoping for originally, better looking than the ones advertised on the website.


Your only other option is to check out what grips are on the 10:8 website by Hilton Yam, they too had a very similar variation a few months back, possibly the same grips OEM'd.

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Finally found a very good bloke to machine down the screws for the Hurricane Kimber.  Had to go for a work theme given the work VZ did for me.  Apparently I'm a massive cabbage...






Also really need to break out the duster before the macro lens.  That said it'll be getting skirmished and jammed in to a kydex holster plenty from this point forward so it's not going to look pretty again, specially with the paint they use.

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i hate it when people normally say stuff like this, but thats a lot for a pistol when you (well, us 'mericans) can get a real one for under half that price. but it must be one hell of a shooter once you also add Volante's Merlin BBU.

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Well that's the gun ... And yes these are the same guys tha that make the Ino P229 kit.


Horseman.. Try geting a permit for a real gun in EU.. Well in Greece at least! It's a hefty price I know but it's the easier way to obtain one of these.




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