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1911 Picture Thread

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RWA Nighthawk steel 1911 with machined rs Heinie tritium sights, stainless threaded insert (to match this two tone oddness), grey Magpul grip panels!  

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omg linklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinklinkNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOWWWWw yeah i have 3 pink pistols already i want another.


Unfortunately I'm not sure of anywhere this side of the big pond that has them, or anywhere in the US that'll ship (and that'd obviously be very expensive).  Mine came from Airsoft GI when I had a RIF sent over via a mate.  Dave's custom airsoft lists the black models but that's about it I'm afraid.  eBay perhaps?  WGC and some other HK airsoft stores certainly have the same colour 1911 grips in other configurations.


Here's the full shot, especially for Imperator.



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2 on the right are what i mostly carry, lower commander size in a bianchi holster on my chestrig and the detonics in the admin pouch. also have 6 mags in total so plenty to use (or share if needed)


both gbb's are mostly TM with tight-bore barrels and aftermarket wood grips. detonics also has a 1911a1 trigger, which i much prefer to the original


commander sized is a TM series70 lower with a TM 4.3 hi-cappa slide. amazingly accurate, took out a guy at 50m on sunday using guarder .28g ammo,  (love gbb's on a 24'c day :P )




finally got some altamont grips for the detonics, they are really nicely made (if a little pricey - still kicking myself for not buying them from detonics-usa website a few yrs ago when they were selling the altamonts for $25 !!)

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WA Wilson Tactical Elite / Combat.

Super rare afaik, never found another owner of one...


I think that can be said of most WAs given they are made in limited batches etc. I have seen only one other of those and that was ages ago. Still at some point I wouldn't mind owning a WA 1911 but as I already have all the parts and setups for my TMs it feels a touch redundant aside from having it as a display piece.


Also there would be a picture of my 1911s here but alas my usual image hosting in being a sod. Will put them up later on.



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