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1911 Picture Thread

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RWA Nighthawk steel 1911 with machined rs Heinie tritium sights, stainless threaded insert (to match this two tone oddness), grey Magpul grip panels!  

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Army Desert Warrior. It now comes in a dark FDE colour. Grips are third party.



Have one of these myself, like it so much i'm thinking of selling my HurricanE Desert Warrior Kit which I have had in my pending projects box for a few years know.

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Happy New-Years Day 1911 Lovers.


A few fresh shots of both old and new styles.


Nova Colt Commander and Nova SAI Commander. 


Its nice to have the best of both worlds ;)


I've one Nova SAI kit left, ill be placing the classified soon @ HK price and EMS from Ireland :)













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I'm sorry squad...those colt grips put the whole SAI commander to shame.

The photos don't do the grips justice, they're really nice as everyone knows I'm not known for switching from stock/RS grips to experiment, but thought these grips gave the Commander it's own identity, rather than just being a small Series 70 ;)


The SAI grips are nice in their own right as they're not available to buy in RS.


Hopefully there will be more Commander/Pro size guns to arrive from Nova, and eventually the elusive Officer size for all us 'Heat' fans.

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prime have just released a comander kit for to fit marui on wgc.......

It's the same kit, it was originally announced as a Prime release and changed to Nova closer to end of production.


Distributed both in Hong Kong and Japan as Nova.





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Yes but there's no comparison between the 1911 marui and WE!

IMHO the WE 1911s and Hi Capas are the worst sidearms you can buy!

I really really had bad experiences by them...

Especially when the barrel bushing ejected I stood there watching it fly! And that gun wasn't even mine!!!


After that I lost faith in WEs...

I have a couple but I don't shoot them!




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While I really appreciate the detail that goes into some of these "kits", the prices are a killer for me (I've another son who got the good news that he was accepted to college).


I just don't understand why no one has just come out with a Colt Commander style slide, barrel and bushing with simple Wilson Combat sights and a version with the standard old style sights. They'd sell like hot cakes and you should be able to get the price down to $175.00-$200.00 (if you need trades and less if you don't).


Currently running a KJW 1911A1 frame with TM Desert Warrior and Detonics parts with a WE 4.3 Slide (also with several TM parts) and while it works really well, I'm just not a fan of the slides shape. I also had the Guarder 4.3 slide but it was such a piece of trash (paint started coming off almost from the beginning and the molding details were just horrible) that I went back to the WE slide.


It just seems to be a no-brainer (as would a Hi-Power slide with modern sights that would fit the WE frame as no one appears to be interested in making a "proper" Hi-Power).

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Importing metal kits to Japan is really really hard.

Metal kitted huns have many limitations.

So most of the airsofters are willing to pay the extra money and to actually receive intact the kit than risk importing one.


Japan is a whole different place.

The 1J limit is really strict there but their guns are awesomely tuned... Their sniper rifles shoot over 100m with just 330 FPS!!




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Hi wolfgeorge. Can you post some more pictures of you steel kimber raptor stainless ii please. The look of the raptor has grown on me, I always thought it's was nice looking but I'm starting to think it one of the coolests looking 1911 available, specially in stainless.

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