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1911 Picture Thread

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RWA Nighthawk steel 1911 with machined rs Heinie tritium sights, stainless threaded insert (to match this two tone oddness), grey Magpul grip panels!  

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I got sick and tired waiting for a decent replica of the MGS3 1911, I plan on building it myself. This is the bare bones mock up using the naked prime frame and slide. It's a WA R-type with a hybrid marui hop up and custom NPAS. 

But the gun is pretty much not even close to being done, so we'll see how everything turns out



Custom 3d printed MSH, one in PLA other in titanium.


Custom silencer 


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"Not mine, only made the grips. Also not a 1911 but the 2011 thread is archived."


Actually it isn't a 2011, its a Salient 1911 Widebody, even if it had a hybrid frame it wouldn't be a 2011.  Only STI make 2011's as they own the copyright to the name.  So it does belong here.  :)

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No, pre built by Red Wolf, it was ridiculously expensive originally but I was in HK last month and there was a sale in Bang Bang so I treated myself.

Not worth the price in my opinion, for example, the recoil spring was still stock.


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A brief update (I think) on my Mafioso full-steel Kimber TLE II.


It now sports VFC’s V1911 VLight, which is... mixed at best. The light housing itself is pretty robust (solid metal), but the actual lamp assembly sucks real bad. I think it’s a combination of an out-of-date LED and a bad TIR lens; I’m investigating updating both, and maybe selling an upgrade package for other people who want this light to be more than just a photo opportunity.

I’m also looking at making the grip pressure pads the later original SureFires came with, as the push switches on the V1911 suck real bad.


The gun was beating itself to death (bending the steel slide-stop lever pin) on CO2, so it now has a CowCow RM-1 two-stage recoil spring/guide rod assembly with the stiffest second-stage spring. That seems to have significantly slowed the slide’s last ~10mm of rearward travel, reducing the impact on the frame. I still want a stiffer first-stage spring, though.


For anyone else who’s using a Mafioso 1911 with this light, the VFC slide stop levers don’t work. I had a bent Mafioso one to hack up - my tech drilled a hole through it and screwed an M3 socket-head into a 5mm steel rod, which replaced the pin.

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Just sold a HurricanE 1911 with one of those disappointing VFC V1911 Lights on.  Just like there AEG's great externals and performance.  You should do upgrade kits, would me off though as I no longer have one. If your a genius with lights I have a Rico M900 thats a bit iffy a Surefire M500 I can't get lamps for, would love an LED Conversion. ;)

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