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Multicam Loadout Pictures MkII

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@Interficium: On the other hand, this same kid is actually correct. Gutted paracord only adds a fraction of an inch to the stock's upper tube, and actually doesn't interfere with the charging handle's range of motion.


@Thread in general: It obviously depends on where you live, and who you live around. I wouldn't waltz around in downtown NYC with my gear and guns, but if you live in an out of the way area where your neighbors and the local law enforcement know what's going on, you have nothing to worry about (and are doing nothing illegal).

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Something based on a DELTA Scud Hunter toy I saw awhile back. I was taking pictures as reference for an illustration I am doing as a Scud hunter update from the aforementioned toy so forgive the in house posing. I think I might have to skirmish in with this set up in the fall here in japan. it is a mix mash of stuff if anyone is interested I can add post a kitlist.



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I will never understand why they don't make Combat Multicam Shirts with the Multicam pattern on the torso. I'd love to use a combat shirt but I just can't stand how the torso is green or tan. Other then the cosmetic aspect, even tactically it's not a smart idea to have your body blend in, but your torso have blotches of solid color (presuming you're wearing a vest).

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Talos is a very nice shirt, mine is great, but I have a chimera shirt I end up wearing more. If you get one make sure to get velcro sewn into the cuffs for adjustments as the cuffs may be to large as they were for me.


I will say they are actually about $50 more than Crye's top but if you look for sales at Tactical distributors, Optactical, or Tidewater Tactical, you can get it cheaper.

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Thanks for the nice words about our gear. Bringing the kitlist for my self here

This is me: DSC_0403-1.jpg


Ops Core Basejump

Sordin supreme pro x, Custom mic med MC headband

Oakley Mframe 2.0



Crye JPC

Tactical Tailor Modular Zipper Utility Pouch

Paraclete Upright Medium General Purpose Pouch x2

Paraclete Medium General Purpose Pouch

Tactical Tailor Smoke pouch

Emdom CQB M4 Double Mag Pouch

S.O. Tech Compact Individual Medical Aid Pouch

Gemtech Lanyard Tan

HSGI Universal Modular Mag Pouch Single med wouxun dual band radio i

Tea ptt*


Mamuth Karabin

Cyalume Lightsticks

Eagle MAP

BH Haligan tool

Prc 152 in a modded BW Mbitr on other side of my Paraclete GP


Crye Combat Pants gen 2 MC, gen 3 pads

Ops Combat shirt MC

Blackwater rigger belt Tan

215 Gear Lanyard Frog

Oakley Dessert Hikking Boots

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More dane in MC.







Oakley SI boots.

Crye combat pants + airflex

Eagle duty belt.

XGO Tshirt

TRU-SPEC shirt

Oakley SI gloves

Oakley M-Frame


1. line

BHI belt

Brokos battlebelt.

2 x CE Kydex 9mm.

1x CE Kydex M4.

BHI dumper.

Paraclete GP pouch.

Bladetech hylster.


2. line

EI LVAC multicam.


EI Quad M4 pouch.

EI Double M4.

EI frag pouch.

Mayflower MBITR pouch.




Block II M4*

Magpul kolbe.

Vtac sling.

Troy BUIS*


Magpul Triggerguard.

Ready mag*

Block II RIS*


Surefire Scoutlight.

Flip sight*

Vltor flashhider*







Thanks to 10L for the pictures.

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