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Factory tournee part 5?


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i update this as i go and pictures i will add later when i return home, big news and bombs and on some things Chas was right ;) owe you mate an apology for crushing your news down :D


Boyi Aka DBoys Aka Kalash news first


for the record it goes like this, i confirmed it with the big man himself, i've been wondering this myself also sometimes as many label them as "DBoys"


Boyi airsoft makes M4/M16 etc

Kalash makes AKs obviously

DBoys is the name for their accessories only not for the guns!


and some new models coming up :P it looks like another christmas again :P


RPK is the real deal under works right now! and not just RPK they also make RPK-S! with the folded wooden stock!

their RK-01 GAS is ready as it can be(Its magazine took 48 BBs inside), but cannot be sold due to an agreement with GHK for about 4 months but is rock solid that model, man that gun has some kick (they had it on pot metal body but they said it would be a steel body when released)

M4 GAS is real deal! they had the WE there on the table haha i knew it straight away (he told me on the phone before that they dont make but he told me when i saw him, cannot reveal all by long distance when face to face can tell more easily)

M16A1 AEG under works!

M16A3 AEG under works

for Kalash line

AK-47 and AKM under works

KAC PDW is ready for sale, man it looks pretty cool even its very compact size.

SC-02 aka SCAR Heavy! almost done but needs still maybe 2 months, they have been very busy now (they started to build a new factory already we visited there 9 story building)

RK-10 is imminent release within weeks it should hit the streets

RK-15 is delayed a bit they have some problem with some parts not gotten ready

RK-10 and RK-15 will be released in Pot Metal and STEEL simultaneusly on release!

that MEU in that traders website is real deal also they are making their own MEU nothing to do with Army! GAS meu also

they are planning on M14 clone, not start to make yet but planning to make it as soon as they have time for it!


tomorrow i will meet with Army, AGM and WELL, i will post here as i go :P updates. any questions shoot in here or in my inbox and i can ask them anything needed when i meet with them! might be something else also but i just came from a bar and im bit tipsy :D


forgot to add, JING GONG was raided by cops last month and it has been down since people dont know what is going on with them totally but they are shutdown for now not producing anything at the moment.


forgot to say also under the Kalash line they are considering the Dragunov as well they said that they will wait out first for the A&K to come out to see its quality which they want to improve on :P

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Thanks for posting the news.Is there any news on the SCAR H & underslung Grenade Launcher or the Browning hi power?


Scar heavy is coming pretty soon 2+ months anymore, i forgot to ask about the launcher, i ask tomorrow :) and so far i didnt hear anyone making a browning but well see, still many places to go!

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Thank you Frontiers, allways helping us to decide where to spend our bucks.


DOnt know the rest of the people, but If you asked Army about details on their SOPMOD I would be quite grateful :)


Will they produce an M4 variants line (socom carbine, SOPMOD, CQB...) or just the SOPMOD?


Will mags be 30 or 82 rds selectable like the ones produced by Marui?, and estimated price :P


Is their model reinforced in anyway Marui SOPMOD isnt?


And if you can get an estimated price of the AEG would be awesome :P



Funny thing is that I allways thought that Boyi would be the one cloning the SOPMOD...


Thanks again ;)





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RPK is the real deal under works right now! and not just RPK they also make RPK-S! with the folded wooden stock!


well i'll be damned! there really IS a god!

i swear if it's got the correct receiver i'll convert, after all they're bothering to make the S model (unless they just rip off the AK74M locking mech, but still.)


a proper plum/black polymer model would be awesome too.

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agreed, I can see the point of using up a bundle of pot metal parts then slowly moving over to steel only construction on new models (and revisiting the originally mixed models when inventory allows)


but there cant be many folks who would knowingly take the pot metal afflicted version for the sake of the few dollars price difference between them. It just leaves folks constantly having to ask their suppliers is this the steel one or the steel and pot metal mix one


Better to just bite the bullet and have all the new models produced as steel only - then folks only have to make that sort of enquiry of the older models in case shops still have old stock.

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I wanna clone BAR!!!


and The Badger wants the scalp of Ryan Seacrest, doesn't mean its gunna happen though.... unless someone in hollywood would be so kind as to assist a humble Badger in a most righteous quest....


in other news, scar-h. needs moar of it.

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Just when I lost hope that the PDW was going to be released, this pops up....


Damn, if the price is right, I'll be getting the PDW very soon......


If you had been keeping tabs pf the KAC thread youd know it was ready, and that it would cost a little more than the Dboys SCAR-L

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Please inquire with AGM as to the whereabouts of their MG42. How far along is it? Any photos would be helpful as well. Vanderer said it was 6 months out, and that was 5 months ago. Hopefully we will see it soon. :)


Vanderer = Frontiers

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forgot to add, JING GONG was raided by cops last month and it has been down since people dont know what is going on with them totally but they are shutdown for now not producing anything at the moment.

How severe was the raid? When they raided Cyma, they confiscated the molds used to make the Glock AEP and Thompson, to name a few. Any reports on what happened at JG?


Also, I don't think that a spring SVD (as the A&K is a clone of AtoZ) would be in demand since Realsword finally released their AEG. I handled the AtoZ one and spring is stupidly stiff, also shooting the gun is pretty slow since you have to cock it after every shot (unlike the real deal) :rolleyes: .


And now, for more factory-specific questions:

Does Well have plans for more GBB submachine guns, ie. Skorpion, Steyr TMP, Mini-Uzi etc.?

Which model is the AGM GBB M4 based on? If the Boyi one is based on WE and AGM is based on WA, both company are in for nice profit from selling the magazines alone (not mentioning the spare parts, which I suspect to be traditionally rock-hard - remember the situation where it turned out that Well's gears were the best stock ones, able to withstand as much abuse as reinforced aftermarket ones?)

Is Army planning to release the L85A2 at last?

Any news from A&K? I'm pretty interested in their M60VN...

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